Usually we use plain balloons for our Room designs but the Final Fate design suits the R21 concept perfectly! So we used the free sides of this white giant to put a Room logo and «21 day with accidents» arts on them.
This balloon comes with three badges we used as an accessory in every R21 session. Each one is signed and kissed. Somehow Ava has signed Mariette’s one and vice versa but it’s not a big deal lol.

Interesting fact #21: the molecule used for a R21 logo is serotonin. Perfect naturel metaphor of pleasure:)

Weight: 300g
+$7.99 shipping

Even though we used GL1200MP in many sessions they all were clear. It is the first time the black one came to the stage and even survived the kinky tests from the Room 21 Session 1:) These balloons are rare now so it may be a good addition to your collection.

Weight: 100g
+$6.99 shipping
1 available

My favorite stock toy ever! The PVC is so soft, it feels nearly like rubberized! The huge main chamber feels extremely soft and bouncy!
This Duck was used in Room 21 and Playground. It’s safe and sound, no holes, rips or patches. Inner valves are cut out. Soft bright PVC is very stain prone so there’re several dark stains made by orca toy that was stored near this Duck.

Weight: 3700g
+$19.99 shipping
1 available

We don’t know what a year of 2019 is going to bring you. The outer world is way too unpredictable. But you also belong to a wonderful tiny world of the people who have a passion for balloons and inflatables. I want you to remember that because it makes you very special.

Me and Val spent a month creating a memorable TTR item that would be as special as we wanted it to be. And now we proudly present our creation — TTR 2019 Calendar.

Concept, design, materials, crafting — everything in this item is definitely far from ordinary.

One page is one month and one reason why you’re special for me. Hang this calendar on the wall, flip the pages every month and stay awesome.

Moreover — each page is a part of big 4×3 poster. Just separate the sheets, use a sticky tape to join them and enjoy an inspiring 84×89cm (33''x35'') picture. Hope you have a decent secluded place for it;)

No outsiders were involved in production of this calendar. From the first sketch to the last signature — everything was made by us two only.

TTR calendar is made of several types of premium photo paper and special furniture like textile bands, steel cringles and chains. Each one is fully handcrafted.

We crafted 10 calendars only. Each one comes with my lipstick imprint on the last page.

The calendars are safely packed and will be delivered via registered air mail to you.

Weight: 250g
+$8.99 shipping each item
2 available

This balloon is so big that I failed to find it’s limit during the Room 20 — damn walls or ceiling always were too close lol.

Painted with the latex paint and wide brush — gothic lettering with seven deadly sins in one circle. Sweet.

Weight: 300g
+$7.99 shipping
1 available

GLs are synonymous to seduction. Custom GL700 from Seduction Room is a pure essence of my attraction to these amazing balloons.

Painted with latex paint. Used in the Seduction Room.

Weight: 120g
+$7.99 shipping
1 available

A signed photo from us ☺ Random picture from one of TTR Rooms, you may pick the genre (balloons or inflatables).
A postcard is free and comes with any tangible TTR order. If you would like to get a TTR postcard only you pay shipping costs ($4.99)

Weight: 10g
This item is free
+$4.99 shipping , each next: +$1.00

Extreme level of kawaii and cuteness — golden unicorns on strong and necky Belbals 14''! Each bag contains 25 balloons in mixed colors — standard white, standard light pink and standard vivid pink.
The larger ones on the pictures are Belbals 24'', they are available for purchase too (check the next lot).

Weight: 100g
+$6.99 shipping , each next: +$2.00

A bunch of 90cm/36'' swimming rings (tubes). They were used in Room 18 Sessions 2 and 3. The Session 3 was quite harmful for these inflatables — the amount of tiny holes in them are too big to count.

Weight: 1000g
+$19.99 shipping
1 available

Can’t say for sure how many holes I made in it during the «Ride. Pop. Repeat 5» session. Some of them are patched with stickers but far not all of them. A lot of patience is needed to patch all the holes lol. However, there’s no big rupture.

Weight: 1500g
+$14.99 shipping
1 available

This balloon was a backup one just in case the big black buddy won’t withstand the abuse. But it survived so this GL1200 haven’t appeared. And you have a chance to get a genuine intact Room balloon for less.
Two-colored logo gradient logo is painted with latex so it will last as many inflations as this balloon can handle.

Weight: 100g
+$7.99 shipping
1 available

!SALE! Get your own awesome TTR Balloon Dog for $199 + free shipping instead of $249 + $39.99 shipping! Stock is limited!

We here in TTR are fixed on extraordinary fetish stuff. That’s why we designed an outstanding cross-fetish toy that illustrates our infinite passion for balloons and inflatables. Here it is, our cooperative project with Horseplay Inflatables — TTR Balloon Dog!

Forget about balloon dogs are made of tiny twisting balloons. Our one is based on the sexy shapes of giant Cattex balloons — Doll and 32'' Longneck! Even being just a latex balloon they are great for riding, and know they are cast in robust yet touchy 0,3mm PVC. Yes, you can bounce it hard — this Dog has perfect seams and reinforced back!

All 9 chambers, even the small ones like tail and ears, have modern convenient double valves. It can be inflated in a couple minutes with the regular electric pump and deflated in seconds!

Ah, did I mention that it is transparent pink? ;) Guess you’ve already noticed that lol.

No extra prints like huge ugly warnings or stuff — only the small white logos near the main valve. I hope you’re old enough to find a right purpose for this toy without detailed instructions;)

FREE SHIPPING via international tracked parcel!

Weight: 3500g
$249.00 $199.00
26 available

Me and Katya spent some time between the shootings signing several great balloons — GL1200 with Maximum Pleasure TTR print. They are new, coming in three colors — clear, black and white. Each one has an autograph and a lipstick imprint from me and Katya De-Milo
Now you will have to choose either to keep it as a souvenir from the first TTR joint shootings or to inflate it tight and ride as hard as we did (but the signatures will be gone) ☺

Weight: 100g
+$7.99 shipping each item
6 available