Roomtex Balloon Valve (new)

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NOVEMBER 27th UPDATE: current version of valves is Mark 27. Two rims instead of one: M+L and L+XL. The connection with valve's body is more reliable. Two loops. New membrane unit: semi-free PVC membrane is replaced with free elastic latex membrane with great sealing and very low air flow resistance.


The best way to enjoy blowing huge necky balloons without having sore fingers is to use a valve! However, there’s no good stock ones available so I asked Val to develop a valve for me.

8 years of development and testing brought you this perfect Roomtex Balloon Valve. Simple, reliable, convenient and designed for one and only purpose — blowing balloons with long necks.

Air tightness (95-100%) is provided with thick semi-free latex membrane. It can hold any pressure inside balloon and provide low resistance to direct air flow.

Balloon neck is fixed on a valve with the combination of a fixing rim and a soft loop. Balloon nozzle is pulled on a rim and the loop is put on a balloon neck behind the rim. When balloon expands the swollen neck push and press the loop to the rim and doesn’t let balloon to slip away. No additional fixing or taping is needed.

This way of holding balloon on a valve provides you as much balloon neck as possible. It means that you will be able to blow the hugest balloon necks in your life! With TTR Balloon Valve you will know the real limit of any balloon;)

Roomtex Balloon Valves are available in three sizes: with M rim (60mm/2.5'' diameter), L rim (90mm/3.5'' diameter) and XL rim (140mm/5.5'' diameter).

M sized valve is perfect for the balloons with medium neck width — Qualatex 24'', Roomtex 25'' Longneck (new, 1pc), Roomtex 30''x40'' (new, 1pc), Roomtex 22'' double (new, 1pc), Olympic 25''/45'', Cattex 36'' Longneck, 18' stuffer balloons etc.

L sized valve is designed for the balloons with wide necks — South America 36'', Cattex 32'' Longneck, GL1200 etc.

XL sized valve is designed for the balloons with extremely wide necks — Loonster, Cattex 55'',63'', 72'' etc. (except climb-ins)

The valve's rim is covered with protective film - remove it before use.