private office III

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Me, Ava and Mariette have a huge pink Balloon Dog toy in their bed but it’s flat. So we open the valves and start blowing the toy by mouth! We all are determined to make the toy big and tight without any pumps and, of course, we succeed! Just look how moist this toy looks from inside, you can clearly see it through the transparent vinyl! When the job is done we ride the toy and deflate it.

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Ava loves putting her tight balloons to the limit. She presses her bum, hips and body so deep into the latex that the balloon neck becomes so huge! But today all three Ava’s balloons are lucky — she will be gentle with them and just willing to enjoy the amazing feeling of latex under her without popping.

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Sharon looks surprised! Seems like she didn’t expect to see so many big mylar balloons in my room! Don’t worry sweetheart, we’re going to fix that. Take a paper knife and help me to get rid of some of these gorgeous loons!

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Finally I have a chance to enjoy my giant pink balloon that I prepared for myself! But when I touch the loon I feel that there’s something wrong with it… What the hell! Someone is sitting in my balloon! It’s a naughty girl Kira! Damn it, I will teach her a lesson!

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This is an amazing compilation of 5 custom videos with Ava and her long sharp deadly nails slowly piercing tight beach balls and ripping them to pieces! Incredible closeups of Ava’s nails scratching vinyl surface harder and harder until it rips… 75 (!) beach balls are going to find their glorious end in this long and seductive video!

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It seems like Leya doesn’t mind being trapped in a big clear balloon. She presses her hands and feet into the latex like she wants to feel it’s softness on her skin and rubs the walls of her inflatable prison with a visible pleasure. The balloon becomes moist and foggy because of Leya’s breath and her fingers leaves the wet lines on the inner surface of the balloon…

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Ava enjoys the summer sun with a big bunch of tight purple and clear balloons and she is not going to bring them back home! She puts balloons on a blanket and dives her foot in them. The balloon squeaks and bends under her foot… and pops! Ava loves that and keep popping balloons with her feet until the entire bunch turns into a pile of latex shreds!

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Sexy cutie Lilu with a pink swimming ring have 8 huge and tight balloons to pop! There are 4 Cattex 32'' Longnecks and 4 South America 36'', they are tight and look so huge compated to this petite girl! But bigger balloons mean bigger fun, huh? ;) So Lilu starts here crazy rodeo! Even that it will take a lot of huffing, puffing and insane riding all those loons will end up as a shreds destroyed with Lilu’s sweet butt.

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