popping room

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54 minutes of video

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This room filled with tight balloons is absolutely breathtaking! A perfect setting for some balloon blowing together! Me and Rita have four balloons prepared — Belbal 14'', Tuftex 17'' and two clear Sempertex 18''. They are just right for blowing them to burst together. Breathe in, breathe out and make these loons pop!

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High heels are an ultimate weapon against balloons! Tight and fragile latex doesn’t have a chance against them. So me and Rita are not going to rush for now. We have enough balloons to learn now to put a perfect pressure on them and dive our heels as deep into latex as it can let us to do!

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Two hot girl’s bodies are ready to join in passionate embrace… but there’s a balloon between them. Unfortunate obstacle? No, a kinky intermediate that could accommodate our excitement! But just for a while. A fragile nature of balloon doesn’t let it to endure so much passion so the burst is imminent. A burst we both are longing for.

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I’m not sure that this amount is exact…but who really cares? It’s a sea of tight purple loons with islands of bigger colorful balloons. We are swimming in the middle of it, we are riding the latex waves! We are going to drain this see together. Both me and Rita are excited so much, we can’t wait to dig our nails in these balloons and make them burst, burst, BURST!!! Oh yeah, that is going to be epic! The floor will be covered with balloon shreds very-very soon…

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I see you love watching girls sitpopping necky balloon. Welcome to the first row honey! The balloons are going to burst right in front of your face but they won’t give up that easy (at least most of them)! I bet you will love watching them bending under our nyloned butts before popping. Belbal 14'', Tuftex 17'', Sempertex 18'', Unique 24'' and Qualatex 24'' — you know these names, right? And you won’t miss a single sexy detail of each juicy burst because we will show you it from two perspectives! Enjoy;)

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