Our girls show their impressive blowing skills with epic BTPs. All clips are filmed by themselves.

Love is in the air, so it’s a perfect time to add some air to love! :) We found the classic red Q36 heart in our collection and offered it to Stashia to show us how big and beautiful it could be. And kept the fingers crossed so it wouldn’t pop too early lol. Stashia’s lips did all the magic — huge red heart was indulging us with its beauty till the very last second! :)

@480p: 336 Mb, @1080p: 844 Mb, Runtime: 14 minutes
$9.99 (9.37)

Cosette has a very cute gothic look! It suits a lot to this lovely and rare «soap» crystal purple Belbal 24'' with OXA-NYA print! Unlike other 24-inchers, these balloons can get much bigger, and Cosette is ready to prove it right now with her lips!

@480p: 369 Mb, @1080p: 924 Mb, Runtime: 15 minutes
$9.99 (9.37)

Mariette thought that this Cattex 36'' Longeck would not be too big and too loud. Huge, huge mistake! Stretched ones can become much bigger than you expected. And still can be super tight and super loud!

@480p: 618 Mb, @1080p: 1550 Mb, Runtime: 26 minutes
$14.99 (14.07)

No songs, no dances but it’s still spectacular! Mariette has just caught a rare bird — blue Indian balloon! Let’s see how this loon will behave in her hands (or paws?) and how big it will get before the burst!

@480p: 472 Mb, @1080p: 1183 Mb, Runtime: 20 minutes
$14.99 (14.07)

We have the new balloons and our super sexy balloon tester Cosette is already here to try them! It’s RX Boobs — super curvy and super-hot loons that beg Cosette lips and lungs to make them huge and tight! And their wish is granted with one small remark — it will definitely end with two big bursts!

@480p: 818 Mb, @1080p: 2051 Mb, Runtime: 34 minutes
$19.99 (18.76)

Not gonna lie — we really love the way our girls blow huge balloons together. Cosette and Stashia turn blowing into kinky and playful action, a sexy magic that goes on and on until the giant balloon explodes on their lips! Just like they did now with one of our prototypes — giant Roomtex Peanut balloon. 40 absolutely mesmerizing minutes full of pleasure and joy!

@480p: 967 Mb, @1080p: 2424 Mb, Runtime: 41 minutes
$24.99 (23.45)

HyperInflation crosses the borders to challenge other studios! And who’s brave enough to answer the call? It’s Katheryn from Latin Desire! She isn’t afraid of impressive size of RX lloD balloon and ready to show that her lungs of steel won’t leave a single chance for this huge balloon to survive! Well done Katheryn, you proved that Brazilian girls are really good at btp’s!

@480p: 901 Mb, @1080p: 2258 Mb, Runtime: 38 minutes
$19.99 (18.76)

Sempertex balloons are known for their quality and ability to inflate bigger than you expect. But how much bigger? That’s what Mariette will find out soon! :) Our challenges are a pleasure for her — just look how passionately she blows these balloons! She even left a big autograph on the blue balloon with her red lipstick! It wouldn’t save this loon from popping but still very sweet:)

The second balloon got very tight and popped suddenly when Mariette left the room briefly. The pop is recorded but… yeah.

@480p: 821 Mb, @1080p: 2058 Mb, Runtime: 34 minutes
$16.99 (15.94)

Finally our cute smiley Stashia is here for a new challenge! Two Sempertex 30'' — that’s a hell of blowing! We’ve never thought that these balloons could have necks but they do when Stashia makes them super tight! Two sexy BTPs in a row, great job:)

@480p: 857 Mb, @1080p: 2149 Mb, Runtime: 36 minutes
$19.99 (18.76)

It’s been a while since we have had new decent challenges for our girls. And now we have it! We made the new cool balloon — Roomtex Rocket, and Cosette can’t wait to apply her lips (and other body parts) to it! One big balloon won’t be enough for her so we doubled it — Cosette will blow to burst two RRs, and it is going to be amazing!

@480p: 869 Mb, @1080p: 2178 Mb, Runtime: 36 minutes
$19.99 (18.76)

We make many big balloons now and of course we want our girls to test them! So here comes Cosette with pink RX Blimp — it will take her more than 30 minutes to inflate this sexy giant and make it explode on her lips!

@480p: 826 Gb, @1080p: 2.02 Gb, Runtime: 35 minutes
$35.99 (33.77)

We’ve already tested RXMB prototype (Matiette did it) but now we have the final balloon and it must be BTP’d! Now it’s wider, longer, stronger and better in all meanings so Cosette’s challenge is going to be epic! And the best thing about it is that Cosette really loves this insane balloon and can’t wait to fill it with her breath, to reveal it’s beauty… and to make it burst in the end!

@480p: 952 Gb, @1080p: 2.33 Gb, Runtime: 40 minutes
$24.99 (23.45)

Halloween is not soon but we found 3 orange Cattex loons with a themed print and asked Mariette to show us how big they can expand loud they can burst. And we got the answers in a best way possible! :)

@480p: 598 Mb, @1080p: 1498 Mb, Runtime: 63 minutes
$34.99 (32.83)

Several years ago one looner store made a limited run of black Cattex 55'' balloons with an anniversary design. Now Mariette and Cosette and going to find out how good this balloon is after all these years! Spoiler — yes, it’s still fine even though very soft!

@480p: 1 Gb, @1080p: 2.5 Gb, Runtime: 43 minutes
$25.99 (24.39)

We made a new balloon, and Mariette can’t wait to grap it in her hands (and lips)! Roomtex lloD — the final version of our big doll-shaped balloon, and now it’s time to reveal its beauty! And you know what method we all prefer — blowing it, blowing it bigger and tighter until it pops! And that’s exactly what Mariette is going to do, not mentioning some riding:)

@480p: 571 Mb, @1080p: 1431 Mb, Runtime: 24 minutes
$16.99 (15.94)

Every new Roomtex balloon always have to pass HyperInflation test! And RX 36'' Longneck too, of course! Even though it barely fits Cosette’s room and frame when is fully inflated (and it took around 40 minutes for her to finish this giant loon) it is a pure pleasure to see Cosette revealing this beauty and taking it to the limit and beyond!

@480p: 906 Mb, @1080p: 2.22 Gb, Runtime: 38 minutes
$22.99 (21.57)