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Final Room deserves an epic signature item! And we have it — it’s an enormous inflatable zeppelin that we painted together! It’s beautiful, huge and soft but that’s not all of its features! This zeppelin is filled with not just an air but with the big balloons! So when the valve is opened the inflatable toy turns into a huge sack full of balloons that are great for riding and sitpopping together!

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We don’t care that all these inflatables are not lifesaving devices. There’re so many of them in our pool that me and Mariette can barely see the water! So let’s inflate out vests and floaties and have a super safe kinky fun in the pool!

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There is no way for these two double-valved balloons to escape their fate. There are three of us here blowing them at the same time! And even if one is taking a short rest the other girl is keep blowing so the balloons have no choice but expanding till they burst!

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Huge red cloudbuster balloon is embracing my body. It’s an amazing and exciting feeling and I can’t stop diving into this huge balloon more and more. And when I’m already overwhelmed with its softness I open the clip and let the air out while I’m ripping my tights to feel the latex with my skin even more…

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Have you ever tried to ride balloon on the water? It’s hard but possible! But what if balloon is getting tighter and tighter with every second? You will need to have some balancing skills, motivation and of course courage to stay on top of this balloon till it bursts! Luckily Mariette has all of that so she will keep sitting on these extremely overinflated GL’s till the end while I keep pumping them!

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How tight the pool toy should be? I don’t know the certain answer so we will put as much air in these floats as they can handle! Spoiler — that’s A LOT of air that will lead to pop for sure! Blue whale did an epic burst under Mariette!

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Who could imagine that these three cuties could be so mean to all those balloons? Well I’m sure you’re aware about that. Our sexy feet in nylon tights and stockings squeeze balloons with ease and can reach the floor right through them before the balloon pops. And we don’t mind teasing one balloon together so it could feel three feet stomping it harder and harder with every second!

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Three girls on three balloons. Three round of sexy riding, rubbing, bouncing and sitpopping. Three Unique 24’s. Three Qualatex 24’s. Three Roomtexes. Nine amazing bursts in total!

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Hot, hot, hot air made these seven 24'' beach balls huge! Now they are two times bigger than regular ones! Just perfect for me and Mariette because we’re going to ride them hard and sitpop all of them! There will be seven fast but loud bursts!

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Let’s go for some wet looning! Big swimming pool is full of amazing big shaped balloons and I can’t wait to jump into them and swim with Mariette between all this tight and colorful latex! It’s so squeaky when wet and feels even better on my skin! Mariette can’t resist riding some big balloons right on water and I’m happy to help her with that! Luckily all these balloons are strong enough to handle that!

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There’s no place in Looner Mansion where you can hide from our balloon teasing! And you can’t run down the stairs because they are occupied by me, Lilu and Mariette slowly blowing Roomtex 25'' Longnecks! So you’d better relax and enjoy the show. Hope you like big balloons bursting on girls’ lips, we have two loud booms for you coming! The last balloon got huge but managed to escape in the end… lucky one!

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Me in balloon in the pool? Of course! A crazy thing that I couldn’t resist trying! And it was an awesome feeling — just a thin layer of latex that separated me from a water surface. I could enjoy it all day but my balloon became foggy so Mariette let me out — she pierced the balloon and I broke free!

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You’re lucky one today! The house in front of you is the Looner Mansion and the girls inside are in a playful mood now! They won’t let the stranger in but you could witness a special kinky popping show that will start right when the curtains are up. And you will never forget that excitement and teasing!

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Let’s start out epic wet popping spree! All these toys in our pool will be destroyed — popped with sharp sticks and ripped to shreds one by one! Dolphin, sharp, orca, bull, Angel Dragon, a couple of tubes and floats, duck, rhino and even a giant white dragon! No mercy, make them all sink!

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Two girls, wet shirts and tights, a pool full of huge shaped balloons and some very naughty intentions! Do you know what does it mean? We’re coming for all these balloons and will pop them all slowly and seductively one by one! Even the largest ones won’t escape from me and Mariette today!

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