TTR Used Articles

Clear ones from the nylon balloon lounge, stomped Uniques 24'', ripped shaped loons, popped RCR’s… and even the ones from my Christmas Tree ^^

Weight: 920g
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Every balloon that was popped during the R25 shootings is in this bag. Even the Room balloon, bondage balloons and the ones used for the Voodoo footage. The bag is around 850g.

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A perfect flashback from the Room 11 with gorgeous Katya De-Milo. We signed several Q24RH that time. Most of them are sold but I found one left. It’s Q24, with our signature design plus it is signed and kissed by both me and Katya! Really worthy item. The balloon is unused, never inflated.

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If this balloon had a wider neck you could climb into it easily. But it has a regular neck. And a fancy Room 22 design that makes it one of a kind.

Weight: 250g
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1 available

GLs are synonymous to seduction. Custom GL700 from Seduction Room is a pure essence of my attraction to these amazing balloons.

Painted with latex paint. Used in the Seduction Room.

Weight: 120g
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1 available

A signed photo from us ☺ Random picture from one of TTR Rooms, you may pick the genre (balloons or inflatables).
A postcard is free and comes with any tangible TTR order. If you would like to get a TTR postcard only you pay shipping costs ($4.99)

Weight: 10g
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This balloon was a backup one just in case the big black buddy won’t withstand the abuse. But it survived so this GL1200 haven’t appeared. And you have a chance to get a genuine intact Room balloon for less.
Two-colored logo gradient logo is painted with latex so it will last as many inflations as this balloon can handle.

Weight: 100g
+$7.99 shipping
1 available