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A perfect flashback from the Room 11 with gorgeous Katya De-Milo. We signed several Q24RH that time. Most of them are sold but I found one left. It’s Q24, with our signature design plus it is signed and kissed by both me and Katya! Really worthy item. The balloon is unused, never inflated.

+$8.99 shipping

If this balloon had a wider neck you could climb into it easily. But it has a regular neck. And a fancy Room 22 design that makes it one of a kind.

Weight: 250g
+$7.99 shipping
1 available

GLs are synonymous to seduction. Custom GL700 from Seduction Room is a pure essence of my attraction to these amazing balloons.

Painted with latex paint. Used in the Seduction Room.

Weight: 120g
+$7.99 shipping
1 available

A signed photo from us ☺ Random picture from one of TTR Rooms, you may pick the genre (balloons or inflatables).
A postcard is free and comes with any tangible TTR order. If you would like to get a TTR postcard only you pay shipping costs ($4.99)

Weight: 10g
This item is free
+$4.99 shipping , each next: +$1.00