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BATCH FEATURES - 3 colors are available. Teal RX24 are regular ones, pink RX24 have an increased durability, blue RX24 are softer.

We’re happy to introduce the third generation of Roomtex balloons and our best balloons so far — Roomtex 24''!

Does this shape look familiar? It took half year to recreate size and proportions of one legendary but discontinued balloon that we all love and admire. And we succeeded! This shape is easily recognizable — it’s the biggest balloon ever made on a round mold.

Of course we went further than just recreating the shape.

First, we extended the neck a bit and made is slightly softer than the main body. Longer neck that is easier to gain — that’s what I’m talking about.
Second, we developed the special blend of high quality latex to find our perfect balance between durability, softness and elasticity. These balloons feel a bit softer and stretch a bit more than original Q24. Bit just a bit. And yes, they are really strong.

That’s what make Roomtex 24'' special. It’s not a copy. It’s a Roomtex balloon inspired by looners’ passion to something that we all dearly miss.
Roomtex 24'' are available in 5 soft crystal colors.