The only available payment option is invoice. The invoice can be paid with any credit/debit card.

1) Add the desired items into cart by pressing button.

2) Go to the Cart and press .

3) Write your email in the field below.

Please do not use AOL emails — they block our notifications. You won’t be able to get the links.

Gmail and some other email services mistreat our notifications (including downloading links) — check the «spam» folder for them.

4) Press .
You will receive the confirmation email after that. If not — see previous paragraph.

3) Wait for invoice to be sent to your email and pay it.

This invoice won’t have any details except your order number and total price in USD.

In case if you order the items that are delivered via air mail please check if your shipping address is correct.

We process all orders, send the invoices and submit payments manually so it may take some time. Please mind our time zone (UTC +3:00).

4) Receive the link for downloading via email.

The link allows downloading ordered clips in 5 days after placing the order. We also send you the notification with the tracking number when your items are shipped (if you ordered some).

If you don’t receive the downloading links for longer than 12 hours after payment please check the «spam» folder (especially if you use Gmail).

If you have any troubles with payment or downloading please write us.