private office II

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117 minutes of video

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Years before Roomtex I received a bunch of custom made balloons and a lovely request for a custom video with them. I couldn’t resist making such classy, feminine and sophisticatedly erotic clip. Pleated skirt, white stockings with garter and wonderful big soft balloons. I inflate them with pump several times^ first time just to stretch, admire and deflate, second time — to close and blow them to pop by mouth later. One balloon popped during inflation and three — on my lips. That was beautiful!

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First layer is my air mattress. Second layer is a big inflatable tube that I’m going to blow up with my mouth right now. And here comes the third one — colorful crystal beachball that is so much fun to bounce on with my butt covered with shiny spandex!

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Helium makes balloons fly! And if it’s too much helium the balloons with fly other way — as the latex shreds all over the room! Don’t be mesmerized with my striped butt — you may miss the burst! And if you not you will be rewarded with two extra pops — it’s me blowing helium inflated balloons to pop!

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These balloons have such big necks and look so tight! Could they handle me sitting on them? Rubbing them? Squeezing them! Bouncing on them hard! The answer is yes — no matter how much the neck is bulging all balloons will stay safe and sound. But maybe seduced a bit!

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These two red cloudbusters are already huge and I barely fit between them. But there’s a pump attached to one of these balloons that keeps on inflating it! The tight space is shrinking with every second, I’m struggling to get out but finally give in and just dive into two soft red clouds. Then I manage to find a clip that closes one of balloons, open it and let the air out from the first and later — from the second giant loon not forgetting to enjoy every second on these soft balloons.

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There is no need to rush when it comes to popping a big bunch of lovely colorful mylar balloons. They have no chance against my super high spiky heels on my feet or against the sharp blade in my mouth so it won’t be hard to turn these loons to shreds. The only point is pleasure and teasing, pleasure and teasing again.

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I received a big parcel from Australia with many lovely beachballs and very detailed script of their merciless yet passionate destruction. Several changes of shiny outfits were a part of it. But the main course is popping… no, POPPING! Stabbing balls with a pen, ripping them with my hands — all these lovely beachballs, from small to big, will be turned into a pile of vinyl shreds on my bed!

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The rules of this game are simple. Six big blue balloons are mine six clear balloons are his. We take turns pulling cards from the deck. If I have a higher card, I pop his balloon. If he has a higher card — I pop mine. The winner can be only one!

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