Roomtex 24'' soft (new, 1pc)

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New color is added — transparent. Transparent RX balloons have a mint green color when flat and become clear when inflated. More recent batches are more transparent without mint shade.

We reworked our latex compound — now our latex is even more elastic, uniform and clear. The colors may have a bit different shade and/or saturation. Previously made balloons are shipped too while their stock lasts.


This is the special version of our bestseller RX24 balloons. We focused on latex softness and elasticity so these RX24S are the softest balloons we’ve produced so far. They are 1.6 times thinner and softer than regular RX24.

These balloons are made for looners who love balloons that look and feel more fragile than regular ones and bring special excitement with every touch.

We found a good balance between softness and stability — RX24S are way not as frail as they look:) Of course, regular RX24 has greater durability but RX24S won’t give up easily.

Thinner latex means more delicate colors — RX24S balloons are more transparent than regular ones so the colors are as soft as the latex!

Thanks to softness, RX24S has greater overinflation potential — we got the balloons up to 190cm long during test inflations. You don’t need any tricks to get a full neck — just keep pumping until it’s full, the balloon will still be far from its limit.

Some balloons come siliconized (may be stuck inside, easy to unstick), the newer ones come powdered (without sticking together)