ripping room

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128 minutes of video

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As sweet as it could be! Cosette is trapped in a huge inflatable Squeezer. I need to make a big way to my lovely playmate to reach her. I could just open the valves and let the air out but it sounds way too boring. I’d prefer to stay on top of the giant inflatable, lick my delicious lollipop and pierce the tight vinyl under me with the sharp stick of my candy… and watch Cosette getting closer and closer to me as the toy is losing air.

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I prepared my favorite glossy black high heel boots as one of the ultimate weapons against inflatables in the Ripping Room. They had never let me down — I know that even the most robust vinyl is nothing against my sharp heels. From the small pink rabbit to the huge black horse — every inflatable is going to be destroyed now, and it’s just a matter of time and pleasure.

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Do you recognize this clicking? It’s a sound of scissors, one of the most horrific things any inflatable could hear. Don’t fall for my playful smile — I have no mercy today. It will take me just one second to cut any toy to pieces and take its valve as a trophy. A pile of shredded vinyl is all what’s left.

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Be careful — this kitty can scratch you! And when it comes to inflatables this pussycat turns into cold-blooded predator. She will hunt down every toy, catch it, play with it a bit… and finally rip it to pieces with her sharp claws. And will go for the next victim.

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Tight vinyl is not an obstacle for a sharp blade. It penetrated the toy effortlessly leaving long straight cuts along its way. Just a few seconds to make the inflatable flat and a couple more moves to shred the toy to pieces. But the first moment when the knife touches the surface and rips it… so exciting. And the camera that is attached to my knife will let you see the ripping vinyl straight in front of your own eyes.

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There is no typo in the word «Strapop». The name of this one-of-a-kind popping device speaks for itself — it’s a strapon made for popping! So if ever had fantasies about a boner penetrating the tight toy surface it’s time to bring them to life. My best inflatables are destined to be fucked to pop with my Strapop and they should be happy to be destroyed this way!

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One of my toys had an honor to be destroyed in a special way — by pumping it to pop under me!

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