private office iv

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116 minutes of video

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Two SA36 balloons are way too attractive to survive this clip. All they can do is to bring me as much pleasure as possible while I’m riding and squeezing them really hard!

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Leia always wanted to blow up the Death Star by herself. Now she has a chance to do it… but not exactly the way Luke did it.

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Do these balloons look big and tight? Maybe they do but still not enough for me! Let’s add some more air! The whirring pump can bring the loon to its limit in seconds and I won’t stop there! And after all these loud ptp’s I still willing to finish three balloons by mouth!

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The safety bag in my car has popped up for no reason and somehow isn't deflating! I'm stuck between the seat and this huge white bubble. It was scary at first… but then it became weirdly pleasant.

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I have two big bunches of helium filled mylar balloons. One is with Kim Possible print — it is going to be spared, even though I will tease you with popping them. And the second bunch is Ladybugs balloons — all of them are going to be popped slowly and seductively with small scissors.

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Here’s the recipe of exciting looner magic — big crystal purple GL700, shiny pink bodysuit and me! Just keep all three ingredients tightly pressed to each other and enjoy!

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If you invite me to a punk rock concert you’d better not make me wait in a room full of balloons. Maybe I could harmlessly amuse myself with blowing up one big balloon but it’s just for a while. And if you’re still not ready I will apply my sharp nails and teeth to all those poor balloons that you keep here.

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Very early and very sexy custom clip of mine. A room full of super tight balloons, me wearing hot black lingerie, high heels and a sharp pin. Many rapid pops with some slower ones as a final course.

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