Roomtex 30''x40'' (new, 1pc)

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ATTENTION: this is a first batch made of new latex and color. The colorant may be distributed unevenly on some balloons and create a "wavy" texture (especially on pink balloons from the first runs). It doesn't affect the balloon durability. Some balloons have silicon finishing instead of talc powder. Please take it into consideration before placing order.

Roomtex is TTR balloon brand. It means that all Roomtex balloons are designed and crafted solely by TTR team. We’ve been working on them for 2 years and proud to present these loons to looners.

Roomtex 30''x40'' is a big 6-fluted blimp balloon inspired by old-time Sri-Lanka zeppelin loons. The size is a bit smaller than GL800 so it’s perfect for comfortable and exciting ride!

The latex is relatively thick, durable and stretchy.

The balloon is available in soft crystal colors.