Roomtex 36'' Longneck (new, 1pc)

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Few years ago Val glued together Cattex 36'' and GL500 to make «The Frankenloon» that was gloriously btp’d by Oxana in one of Playground videos. That was epic.

Now we recreated this shape as a brand new Roomtex 36'' Longneck balloon!

Just like the prototype, RX36L is a huge paddle balloon. It can reach the length around 2m/78'', and more than a half of its length belongs to the enormous fat neck!

You don’t need to do tricks to have the neck fully inflated — just keep pumping until the neck is big and tight.

The bead part of the balloon is narrowed to fit L size clips and valves.

These balloons may have the lighter stripes along the rim of the paddle mold — it’s a normal thing and not a defect.

RX36L and all other giant paddle Roomtex balloons come powdered, not siliconized.