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66 minutes of video

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Don’t fear the Serpent Tempter. He is not the only one who came to your dream. I’m with it and it’s me who will be seduce you and the Serpent is just a toy for me. A toy that is willing to be blown tighter, squeezed harder…and deflated after I’m done with it. So watch me taming this Serpent for my own pleasure. You know I’m good at it.

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Let’s ride latex clouds! They can exist in your dream — so soft and curvy, so beckoning to me to touch it… I’m covered with shiny golden suite with a deep cleavage — you imagined this uniform for me and I love it so much. I slowly bend the clear latex of a giant balloon under me watching smaller loons bouncing in it… it becomes more and more pleasant with every second. Why can’t we do it forever? Maybe because it’s too good to be real?

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Tight and necky balloons are shining in dim colored lights. They have huge necks, lovely prints and one fate — to taste the spikes on my high heels. Maybe the spikes would be just a teasing… but you imagined these heels as a perfect weapon against latex. Even the largest balloons don’t have a single chance against them, and I love watching the heel slowly diving in their latex surface one moment before the burst.

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I like when you have naughty dreams. This time you are even more naughty than usual — you imagined me sitting on the top of a really huge beach ball. And the arrow in my hand and the heels on my feet imply that this ball is going to be treated nicely tonight! So all my way down to the floor is going to be made of numerous pokes I will make with my arrow and with my heels. But he ball is so big… it will take a lot of pokes to let all air out! I’d better start right now;)

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How did you manage to imagine the balloon necks so big? It’s crazy! And I like to be in this dream too lying in a pool filled with these amazing balloons! Hope my long and sharp nails won’t harm them… but oh who I’m trying to fool? I know that you want me to apply my red nails right to this tight latex! So get ready you naughty one, some loud bursts are coming right away!

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Do you know how dangerous love could be? Especially when it’s so insatiable! Every time I touch the balloon I desire to hug it, squeeze it hard so it would please me with a juicy burst right in my arms! No matter how huge this bunch if big balloons looks — even when the last loon bursts in my hands I will still be wanting more!

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The balloons are caged in GL1200 and have no chance to escape! At least I thought so when I was deflating GL1200 with an intention to sitpop all those Uniques 14'' inside it. But GL1200 ripped and let the balloons out! But it didn’t help them — I caught and sitpopped them all! Btw this Extra has a trailer so check it out!

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