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Supergirl returns home after her Birthday party and finds an uninvited guest sitting on her bed. It’s Harley Quinn and the purpose of her visit is not clear… Harley’s twisted mind is unpredictable and Supergirl will pay for her carelessness very soon.

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Hope van Dyne is alone in Avenger’s headquarters. Staying idle is quite boring for her so she applies her enlarging abilities to different objects… until it goes too far.

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Harley Quinn called Punchline for a fight. Punchline arrives at the location but there’s no Harley there, only a dressed doll and big beach balls. Punchline is mad feeling tricked again and she turns her knifes and fury to a popping frenzy.

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After losing a fight with Diana Cheetah recovers at her lair. Her body aches and her muscles are stiff. Luckily she has some big balloons to relax on them.

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Punchline breaks into Harley’s home to revenge her for the recent humiliation. But Supergirl is here too with the similar purpose. Punchline and Supergirl are not going to fight but they still need to decide who will have an honor to teach Harley a lesson. The powers are not even but Punchline offers to do a blow-to-pop race with Harley’s balloons to define a winner. But the challenge goes too far for some reason…

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Natasha Romanoff received an order to assess Banner’s psychical stability. She prepared three grades of stimulation for Bruce — starting from loud noises and ending with excitement and frustration. This test is going to be hard.

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