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91 minutes of video

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I have a E cup. Or even F. Or G. H… I… Omg Leya, don’t pump up my boobs too much! I love seeing them huge but they are already enormous!

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This latex is made for pleasure and in these terms we use it perfectly right! XXXL condoms were turned to a bunch of kinky balloons that will serve me and Mariette… but not for long. These condom balloons are so thin and fragile that they pop easily when we squeeze them between our bodies. And it’s good — thinner latex brings more pleasure!

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Such a beautiful mylar balloons should be in un our arms, not under ceiling! So me and Leya pulled them down to enjoy them more… intimately. So tight, so shiny and colorful! These balloons react to every touch with squeaking and rustling and that excites a lot! Even though both of us have a huge helium bunch now it feels like we just can’t have enough…

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Being excited with balloons means wanting more and more of them! And once you have them in your hands or even under your but you just can’t stop squeezing and bouncing on them… and yes, it always ends with the burst! And bursts make me even more excited… and willing to pop again or watch Leya popping her balloons for me! Sorry our beautiful mylars, we are eager to burst every single balloon today!

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Look what we have here! There are six beachballs in our bedroom — three 24'', two 36'' and one 48''! They were rubberized so these balls are even more squishy and bouncy than usual! Me and Mariette can’t wait trying them! Let’s see how much bouncing they can take before they burst under us! And one of us can’t ride the ball hard enough — we can do it together or even take a pump for some brutal overinflation! These balls will end as vinyl shreds on the bed!

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The best way to know how good is the new balloon is to blow it to burst! I pass this honor to Leya — she will be my tester for this Roomtex balloon. She will blow and I will watch and enjoy! The balloon is getting bigger and bigger, the neck is appearing, growing and bulging hard… I can feel how hard is the latex and how close it is to the burst… I want it now!

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Squeeze it! Ride it! Dive into it! Rip it to pieces! Starting from tiny puffers and ending with huge overinflated bubbles! Me and Mariette are going to have tons of kinky fun with these super soft balls and they won’t be able to handle all those wild things we’re going to do with them!

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Maybe that’s how all unicorns disappeared. They were inflatable, super cute and inflatable! Girls loved to ride them, they did it hard and always wanted to pump a bit more air in those cuties. But too much air plus too wild ride means oops! Well, it’s just a theory based on what me and Leya did with my poor Unicorn. At least it gave me an epic ride and did a big boom under me in the end.

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These Roomtex balloons reminds me watermelons! Huge ones! But instead of being green these ones are clear and purple. I love that! And Leya are curtious about them too. We’re never tried them before and willing to see how good are these loons for some hard and kinky bouncing. Spoiler — they are very good! We will give these loons a hell of a ride together to make them all burst under us!

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These bubbles are like beachballs — made of PVC but still act like regular loons! Me and Mariette are curious about them so we will pump six these bubbles under us to make them burst and see how they feel in action!

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