about ttr

About TTR

We are Oxana and Valentin. You may know us as the Exoticloonz fetish studio that we have been running for three years.

One day we realized that we desire to make something bigger. Our ideas didn’t fit the c4s store and one apartment. That’s why we decided to run ThirtyThreeRooms.com — the balloon and inflatable fetish site you’ve never seen before.

Why it is called this way? Because each update is a new Rooms with several videos and photosets in the unique settings of a new apartment used only for this Room. No repeats. Every Room is unique.

A lot of balloons, including helium, rare and custom ones, great inflatables, versatile screenplays, gorgeous outfits, sophisticated photography and editing…and of course best balloon girl Oxana and her guests.

But it is just a words. Go to the «Rooms», watch the trailers, look through the stills and you will see what makes this project so special.

We don’t promise you daily or weekly updates. No, this work needs time. That’s why we don’t offer any subscription — we don’t want to be obliged to make some amount of content every week. The Rooms are released when they are ready.

Most of our balloons are from Balloons-United.com — the best place for looners to get a huge variety of top quality latex balloons. We also bring some rare balloons from all over the world to use in our clips. If you like them you can purchase these items in «Merchandise» section together with balloons used in our sessions.