Roomtex 18’’ flat v3 (new, 1pc)

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New color is added — transparent. Transparent RX balloons have a mint green color when flat and become clear when inflated. More recent batches are more transparent without mint shade.

We reworked our latex compound — now our latex is even more elastic, uniform and clear. The colors may have a bit different shade and/or saturation. Previously made balloons are shipped too while their stock lasts.


This is a third version of highly demanded Roomtex 18'' balloons — sweet elongated paddle loons inspired by old-time blimps. Comfy for riding and exciting for blowing!

Version 23is made on the new molds that provide higher quality. greater durability and slightly smaller size comparing to the previous version.

The balloon is available in soft crystal colors.

Some balloons come siliconized (may be stuck inside, easy to unstick), the newer ones come powdered (without sticking together)


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