Roomtex Megaboobs (new, 1pc)

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Nearly impossible giant double-chamber latex insanity!

I designed RXMB as a boobs-like balloon — If you underinflate it you would see the «nipple». But if you blow it up tight it would mostly look like two GL balloons joined together! :)

The special design makes both «boobs» inflate easily — just keep pumping and watch the «boobs» inflating normally one after another. No prestretching is required.

The bead part of the balloon is narrowed to fit L size clips and valves.

These balloons may have the lighter stripes along the rim of the paddle mold — it’s a normal thing and not a defect. We’re working on making them less visible in next batches.

RXMB and all other giant paddle Roomtex balloons come powdered, not siliconized.

Please note: due to the nature of all balloons with massive negative curves (heart, mouse etc) RXMB might sometimes behave unpredictably in terms of spontaneous pops. If this balloon pops early during inflation don't hesitate to contact us for the hassle free refund or replacement.