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Stockings with garter, ponytails, balloon boobs and some purple balloons. Perfect set for sexy blowing and teasing!

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I wear colorful single piece swimsuit and ride a huge Milka Cow inflatable. I also blow a pair of armbands and a big beachball while bouncing on Cow. That’s hot!

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Oh that’s pure classics. A room with many Unique 16'' balloons in it…and me! I’m going to turn all these lovely loons to a pile of latex shreds is a slow and sexy way. Hard squeezing, hot riding, naughty heelpopping and even some overinflation with a pump! One of my hottest squeezepops of all time:)

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Me and Mariette do friendly challenge — who will sitpop more beachballs at the same time? We start together and keep sitpopping 20 beachballs till they all are popped! In the end we do a counting and see who is the winner.

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I’m totally tied up with balloons so I’m absolutely helpless! Balloon gag in my mouth s is muffling my screams and there is no one around to help me! What could I do in this desperate situation? Maybe… I could see the bright sides? I should admit that it feels not that bad…

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I’m a beach lifeguard and one of duties is to collect abandoned pooltoys and bring them to my office so they could be claimed later. It pisses me off because these beachballs and tubes occupy all the space in my office! I’d rather pop them and tell that I haven’t found anything! Hm… Sounds like a plan!

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I see that you got a bunch of helium filled mylar balloons… again. It’s so childish! Why do you love them so much? Seems like you’re attached to them… that’s weird. Don’t you mind me popping some of these balloons? Never mind, I will pop them anyway right in front of you!

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My nyloned butt, soft zeppelin balloon… and poor Chinese 25'' loon squeezed between them! And not the only one. These loons will struggle to escape, will try to slip away but there is no chance for them to avoid the burst when I bounce on them hard!

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