TTR Playground is a place for new girls to join our kinky games… and for us to choose the best and to try new things with them!

There’s no problem for Cosette to inflate three Roomtex 40'' balloons to a proper size with a quick pump. But Stashia has a playful and naughty mood and keeps distracting Cosette from keeping an eye on the inflating balloons. Cosette can’t resist Stashia’s touches and risks to miss the right moment to turn the pump off…

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Stashia asked Cosette to make her a massage on GL1200 balloon. Cosette agreed but her vision of this action is a bit naughtier than Stashia expected. She squeezes Stashia into balloon and makes her bounce so hard that balloon is definitely taken to its limit! In the end Cosette unclips the balloon and lets it deflate under surprised yet satisfied Stashia. Yeah, that’s a real Maximum Pleasure!

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Only the best sitpoppers can make beachballs explode under them with hard bouncing! Cosette and Stashia are definitely one of them — they burst all 8 beachballs with a great pleasure without any huffing and puffing! Hop, hop, hop, BOOM!

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No matter who’s on top. The main point is having a gorgeous Roomtex 24'' balloon between you two! Rub it, squeeze it, ride it hard on your partner! Make it burst on her! Then switch and do it again and again and again!

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Cosette lies on a huge blue glossy Ride Roll 1200 and it promises her a heavenly pleasant feeling of tight vinyl under her… but her wrists are cuffed and Stashia has a sharp pike and a strong intention to turn it all into her own kinky popping joy!

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That’s the way I like it with balloons. I treat it gently at first so they could relax, become soft under me and reveal their beautiful fat neck. Then I slowly go harder and harder bouncing on these loons and squeezing my fingers into latex… and BOOM! Yes, that’s what I am looking for. I want both of these amazing Roomtex 24'' balloons to burst but only when I get all my pleasure of treating them rough.

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Cosette and Stashia take turns pumping Roomtex 24'' balloons with a hand pump while second girl is riding the expanding balloon. Will they stop when the balloon becomes super big and tight? Of course they won’t!

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There is too much free space in the pink nylon bag I’m sitting in. I want to have it filled with balloons! The ones with our print! Belbals 14'' are just fine for that. Cosette and Stashia will blow them up for me and will help me to feel squeezed between nylon and latex! A couple of sudden pops may occur but it’s a fair price for having my nylon bag stuffed well!

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Aaaaah big beachballs are amazing! Everything is perfect about them! Well maybe except one thing — they are too big and tight to ride them. But I can fix it — I will open the valve and make the balls softer so I could finally ride them hard while air is coming out!

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$8.99 (8.34)

Blowing a balloon inside blowing balloon? Hell yeah! Let’s see which one pops first — Cosette’s or Stashia’s Roomtex 18'' or the 72'' climb-in they are in? All three will go boom anyway!

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I love having my balloons squeaky clean! So I took my crystal purple GL700 to take a shower with me. I’m going to gently rub the loon with a soap… and rub my body in shiny swimsuit and fishnets with this wet tight balloon!

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Mariette and Cosette are too impatient to have all their toys inflated properly before they jump in the swimming pool. But flat striped beachball and Navy Boobie with deflated head don’t feel right at all! So the girls decide to spend some naughty time blowing up their inflatables right in the pool!

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Here comes the first real challenge for our new Roomtex 24'' balloons! Eight tight loons versus two ultimate sitpoppers! Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for an epic show full of necking, hard riding and tremendous bursts!

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$7.99 (7.41)

Who said that balloons belong to air only? Our little mermaid Cosette proves that deep blue water can be a perfect place for kinky balloon games too! It brings us a brand new fetish experience because the balloons behave completely different when they are filled with water.

@400p: 137 Mb, @720p: 261 Mb, @1080p: 509 Mb, Runtime: 5.5 minutes
$6.99 (6.48)

Mariette feels safe and relaxed floating in the pool covered with numerous swimming rings and armbands… unless Oxana appears! She has a sharp tool that pops Mariette’s inflatables so quick that she can’t even notice that at first. Of course Mariette tries to safe her floats but all her efforts are futile — Oxana is going to pop them all. Well at least Mariette will have a little chance for a revenge!

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$8.99 (8.34)

It’s hot. It’s wet. It’s one of the sexiest BTP clips we ever made! Two girls under the shower blowing and rubbing huge necky balloon and enjoying every second before the loon bursts… absolutely amazing!

@400p: 219 Mb, @720p: 417 Mb, @1080p: 813 Mb, Runtime: 9 minutes
$10.99 (10.19)