TTR Playground is a place for new girls to join our kinky games… and for us to choose the best and to try new things with them!

Ava sits on the big colorful beach ball that is slowly growing under her being inflated by slow and silent pump. To increase the pleasure Ava blows up several smaller balls by mouth and teasingly pops them with her gorgeous sharp nails. She manages to blow and rip four balls before the big one under her pops!

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Ava was jealous about the fun we had with Mariette on the previous Playground and eager to feel the sensual pleasure of blowing some vinyl outfit on each other. So I prepared even more toys — two vests, six armbands and two tubes are ready to cover our bodies when we inflate them on each other one by one!

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Mariette is still too shy to admit that she loves doing blow to pops. Don’t be shy honey, we love watching you doing it! Here’s you balloon, go have some kinky pleasure!

@400p: 88 Mb, @720p: 167 Mb, @1080p: 325 Mb, Runtime: 3.5 minutes

A toy with two valves is a perfect way to share the fun and pleasure of blowing with my playmate! Even though this beachball is quite big we blow it up nice and tight pretty fast!

@400p: 170 Mb, @720p: 324 Mb, @1080p: 631 Mb, Runtime: 7 minutes

I haven’t tried this way of shared balloon blowing before! I have two hoses for me and Mariette attached to a Giant Doll balloon so we could blow it big and tight together while riding it! When the balloon becomes huge we bounce it hard and pop it under us.

@400p: 200 Mb, @720p: 381 Mb, @1080p: 741 Mb, Runtime: 8.5 minutes

I noticed that Mariette was changing her outfit in the bathroom for too long… I also hear the sounds of shower and I can’t find the crystal blue dolphin I’ve just inflated for our next clip. Let’s take a cam and figure out what is going on there…

@400p: 112 Mb, @720p: 213 Mb, @1080p: 414 Mb, Runtime: 5 minutes

Do you know that the beachballs are always stronger than you expect them to be? :) Me and Mariette take turns humping on a nice beachballs while a slow but powerful pump makes them bigger and bigger till they burst into shreds under us! Four beachballs are going to find their end in this clip.

@400p: 193 Mb, @720p: 366 Mb, @1080p: 713 Mb, Runtime: 8 minutes

Bathroom is a perfect place to make an extremely loud balloon burst. And the loudest pops always come from a balloon that is blown to pop! Mariette knows it well so she sneaks with crystal red Unique 16’’ balloon in the bathroom and sensually blows it to pop while I’m peeping from the room…

@400p: 63 Mb, @720p: 120 Mb, @1080p: 233 Mb, Runtime: 3 minutes

Me and my sweet playmate Mariette are going to play with inflatable swim vests and colorful armbands on the bed. And we need to blow them up first! Some may say that we have too many armbands for two girls… but we definitely need more than one pair to have fun!

@400p: 344 Mb, @720p: 655 Mb, @1080p: 1276 Mb, Runtime: 14.5 minutes

I noticed that Mariette was changing her outfit in the bathroom for too long… I also hear the sounds of shower and I can’t find the crystal purple zeppelin I’ve just inflated for our next clip. Let’s take a cam and figure out what is going on there…

@400p: 149 Mb, @720p: 283 Mb, @1080p: 550 Mb, Runtime: 6.5 minutes

Mariette is an awesome sitpopper! This tiny girl can make any toy burst under her even if it is a robust 24’’ beachball! I need a bit more time and efforts to do the same with mine but of course I succeed too:) And we finish the third beachball bouncing on it together! No silent hissing and slow deflation, only massive bursts!

@400p: 119 Mb, @720p: 225 Mb, @1080p: 438 Mb, Runtime: 5 minutes

I love pumping balloons under my girls and Mariette is eager to be on top of it! Black GL800 is connected to my mighty pump and ready to lift my playmate right to the ceiling before bursting into pieces! Slo-mo replay included:)

@400p: 85 Mb, @720p: 161 Mb, @1080p: 314 Mb, Runtime: 3.5 minutes

Being my playmate means being my willing victim for my kinky games. Let’s see how terrified Mariette would be when I put a balloon on her knees and start bouncing on it till the loon burst! And yes, I will do it again and again many times until I’m ready to indulge Mariette with this pleasure too.

@400p: 112 Mb, @720p: 213 Mb, @1080p: 415 Mb, Runtime: 5 minutes

Ava has a rare chance to enjoy a huge rubberized inflatables heart — a toy that takes the best from both worlds of balloons and inflatables! She humps it in a slow and sexy way then opens the valve and continues her fun till the toy is flat.

@400p: 237 Mb, @720p: 450 Mb, @1080p: 876 Mb, Runtime: 10 minutes

My girls deserve the best toys for their kinky fun so here’s a special balloon for my playmates — huge marble South America 36'' from Brazil! No doubts this loon will the most glorious end on their lips!

@400p: 0.34 Gb, @720p: 0.66 Gb, @1080p: 1.28 Gb, Runtime: 15 minutes

The pleasure of a latex expanding between your hips is too intense not to share it with your playmate;) Mariette and Ava will hump this huge purple zeppelin while the pump mercilessly takes it to the limit… and beyond!

@400p: 204 Mb, @720p: 388 Mb, @1080p: 756 Mb, Runtime: 8.5 minutes