TTR Playground is a place for new girls to join our kinky games… and for us to choose the best and to try new things with them!

The only way to make this awesome crystal blue Horse better is to give it to two sexy and kinky girls to blow it up! The toy is big but Mariette and Rita are very good in inflating ☺

@400p: 449 Mb, @720p: 854 Mb, @1080p: 1664 Mb, Runtime: 19 minutes

No hissing, no slow silent deflation through tiny rips — only real loud bursts of 6 poor beachballs squished between the chair and sexy butts!

@400p: 172 Mb, @720p: 327 Mb, @1080p: 637 Mb, Runtime: 7.5 minutes

Go girls! Ride this horse and blow this Qualatex 24'' THE LOONER till it burst!

@400p: 172 Mb, @720p: 326 Mb, @1080p: 635 Mb, Runtime: 7.5 minutes

Mariette and Rita have fun riding the gorgeous huge tightly inflated crystal blue Horse. Then they open the valve and squeeze all the air out.

@400p: 184 Mb, @720p: 349 Mb, @1080p: 680 Mb, Runtime: 7.5 minutes

The pump is on, tight balloons go huge and burst to tiny shreds and Mariette and Rita have no fear of them at all, only joy! Tuftex 17'', Tuftex 24'', China 25'', South America 24'', China 36'' and Tilly 40'' — you will see and hear really juicy explosions with epic slo-mo replays.

@400p: 280 Mb, @720p: 532 Mb, @1080p: 1037 Mb, Runtime: 11 minutes

Two girls, two balloon bunches. They will do their best to pop each other’s loons and save their own ones. Three, two, one, go! ☺

@400p: 76 Mb, @720p: 144 Mb, @1080p: 280 Mb, Runtime: 3.5 minutes

Two Chinese 36'' and one Cattex 36'' Longneck. First one will bust under Mariette after some riding, second one will give up under Rita easily but the Longneck will be a real struggle even when two girls bounce on it!

@400p: 126 Mb, @720p: 239 Mb, @1080p: 466 Mb, Runtime: 5.5 minutes

Two girls play on the bed squeezing five big and soft balloons together.

@400p: 163 Mb, @720p: 309 Mb, @1080p: 603 Mb, Runtime: 7 minutes

Only Mariette is crazy enough to stay on the top of the extremely tight crystal pink Cattex 36'' Longneck balloon while Rita pumps it to pop!

@400p: 68 Mb, @720p: 128 Mb, @1080p: 249 Mb, Runtime: 3 minutes

The enormous Frankenloon made of crystal blue GL500 and Cattex 36'' has been waiting for its moment of glory for too long. So now I’m going to break my personal record and blow this giant balloon to pop by mouth. It took more than 40 minutes but worth it! Very impressive final size, tremendous burst and epic slow motion replay included.

@400p: 1.08 Gb, @720p: 2.05 Gb, @1080p: 3.99 Gb, Runtime: 46 minutes

Yes, it is original South America 24''! Legendary balloons that spent too much time in my closet and deserve some hugging… really strong one. Actually it is sensual squeezing to pop so all these four balloons will burst in my arms!

@400p: 88 Mb, @720p: 167 Mb, @1080p: 324 Mb, Runtime: 3.5 minutes

Nice and juicy watermelon beachball can become even more attractive it is sensually blown up by mouth by two cute girls!

@400p: 191 Mb, @720p: 362 Mb, @1080p: 706 Mb, Runtime: 8 minutes

Is it hard to stay on top of a huge beachball? Looking at Mariette will make you feel like it’s very easy! Rita wants to have some fun with this toy too so she opens the valve and makes Mariette fall off this ball so they both could hump in on the bed till it’s flat.
@400p: 167 Mb, @720p: 316 Mb, @1080p: 616 Mb, Runtime: 7 minutes

The best thing about popping inflatables is that you can do it nice, slow and repeating. My girls will start from poking this cute beachball with the toothpicks, then they will use wooden sticks to pierce the vinyl… and then they will finish this toy with forks.

@400p: 148 Mb, @720p: 281 Mb, @1080p: 546 Mb, Runtime: 6.5 minutes

To make it fair Mariette and Rita have the same set of balloons — one tight purple Qualatex 16'', one long necked smiley Tuftex 17'' and one gorgeous big Tuftex 24''. The red chair is a place where the action will take place — the girls will sitpop their balloons one by one taking turns. And we will enjoy the show with slo-mo replays!

@400p: 146 Mb, @720p: 278 Mb, @1080p: 541 Mb, Runtime: 6 minutes

Who is better in blowing balloons to pop? The only way to know it is to do a btp race! And even better to do it twice — first time with marble Uniques 15'' and second tome with custom made purple 17''. Spoiler — one of the girls will leave no chance to another!

@400p: 236 Mb, @720p: 448 Mb, @1080p: 872 Mb, Runtime: 10 minutes