TTR Playground is a place for new girls to join our kinky games… and for us to choose the best and to try new things with them!

Foil balloon may look fragile but they are able to withstand a lot of abuse! Ava and Leya didn’t know that — it was a surprise for them! Every mylar balloon that they were going to ride and sitpop was quite robust so the girls had to do a lot of furious bouncing to make all those loons pop!

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Here’s the recipe of a perfect looner cocktail — two girls, sexy lingerie, room filled of big colorful balloons. Shaken, not stirred;) Enjoy a perfect taste of balloons popped with hot bodies!

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«Till the death do us apart» — a perfect title for these two balloons’ life story. They stuck together during the production but instead of being treated as misfits these joined loons appeared to be a great toy for two kinky girls! They with be blown up together, they will expand together… and bust at once!

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Riding an expanding toy is one of the favorite games for Ava and Leya. I brought them big rainbow Intex beachball for that and they are happy to try it in action! And it was perfect — the ball got so huge and tight, much bigger than we all expected! And of course it popped under Ava — she ripped it as the small hole appeared under her.

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Big beachballs should be filled with the hot breaths of the sexy girls! ;) Luckily Ava and her friend Leya are here to do it! They ride the Rhino and blow two 42'' beachballs to make them nice and tight!

@400p: 142 Mb, @720p: 270 Mb, @1080p: 525 Mb, Runtime: 6 minutes

No matter what you do — doing it together with someone who shares your taste doubles the fun! That’s why Ava and Leya decide to pump to pop seven pairs of balloons together and the same time! They all got so huge and necky and did some really loud bursts for the girl’s pleasure!

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This stuff is crazy! :) My girls want to try sitpopping big balloon on the inflatable Rhino! These loons may be hard to climb on and pop even on a couch, how are Ava and Leya going to do it on a toy like that?! But…they seem to be perfect at insane things! First four 25'' balloon pop easily and it is just a beginning;) Because SA36 and China 36'' are not going to give up without ultimate bouncing!

Every pop comes with a spectacular slo-mo replay:)

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Ava and Leya have never played with mylar balloons before. So they volunteered to blow a couple of them by mouth! Ava picked a red heart with «I love you» print and Leya picked shiny plain turquoise 40'' one. And it didn’t take them too much time to make those hearts nice and tight! :)

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Two girls blowing to pop balloons in each other’s tights! Sexy, arousing, exciting, stimulating… and as kinky as it could be;)

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Mylar balloons were not the only unusual things that Ava and Leya tried for the first time on Playground 13! These small crystal colored Wubble Bubbles were in their to-do list too. And girls are not going to stop this time — both soft balls will get tight and burst on their lips!

@400p: 228 Mb, @720p: 433 Mb, @1080p: 843 Mb, Runtime: 9.5 minutes

Ava and Lilu are going to inflate lovely black whale by silent pump. When the tail is inflated they go on with the body. But the image of a expanding toy is soooo attractive… it’s impossible to resist and not to ride it! The bigger the orca becomes the more exciting ride is it able to give! No wonder that my girls lose control and keep on bouncing on the expanding orca until becomes extremely swollen and finally bursts under them with a huge BOOM!

@400p: 303 Mb, @720p: 576 Mb, @1080p: 1122 Mb, Runtime: 13 minutes

Dim lights, soft bed, giant transparent zeppelin balloon… and two girls in lingerie on in. So focused on tight latex under them and on a sex appeal of the partner. Ava and Lilu knows that this balloon can withstand their naughty games so they are relaxed and ready to get down with each other…

@400p: 146 Mb, @720p: 278 Mb, @1080p: 540 Mb, Runtime: 6 minutes

Crystal purple 32'' Longneck is going to show its perfect shape as it is filled with the hot breaths of sexy Ava and Lilu. But this loon is destined to burst, just like the GL1200 under the girls (even though it was an accidental pop in the end).

@400p: 220 Mb, @720p: 419 Mb, @1080p: 815 Mb, Runtime: 9.5 minutes

Ava’s gorgeous nails have nothing to do here! These awesome big and soft balloons are starving for close contact with girls’ bodies! Hot embracing, powerful squeezing and insane riding — that’s what is going to lead all those loons to pop! Ava and Lilu leave no chance to them in this crazy sexy action!

@400p: 347 Mb, @720p: 660 Mb, @1080p: 1285 Mb, Runtime: 14.5 minutes

Ava and Lilu have a special pleasure and honor to try the latest edition of TTR Naughty Boobie! Even though they are unable to feel the joy of her love holes Ava and Lilu still have an opportunity to ride and rub this ultimate fetish inflatable doll that was designed for pleasure only:) And it brings the pleasure perfectly till the last second when the girls squeeze the last air from her chambers through the valves!

@400p: 199 Mb, @720p: 379 Mb, @1080p: 738 Mb, Runtime: 8.5 minutes

More tight latex, more bouncing necks, more juicy bursts under girls’ butts! Ava and Lilu are ultimate sitpoppers that can cope with the most stubborn balloon in a most sexy way possible! Slo-mo replays of all 6 bursts are included!

@400p: 215 Mb, @720p: 410 Mb, @1080p: 798 Mb, Runtime: 9 minutes