Our girls show their impressive blowing skills with epic BTPs. All clips are filmed by themselves.

Mariette deserves her personal epic Hyperinflation challenge! And she got it — GL900 balloon is so enormous that we can hardly believe that anyone could blow it to burst! But yes, Mariette did it! Nearly one hour of blowing — and finally balloon turns to shreds with a loud boom!

@480p: 1.33 Gb, @1080p: 3.33 Gb, Runtime: 57 minutes

p>It’s one of the most robust balloons that we use for HyperInflation challenges! Thick and stong latex that feels nearly unbreakable. Impressive stamina and lungpower are required to blow this big guy to burst! And guess who has both? Of course it’s Derpy! Perfect BTP and great burst in the end!

@480p: 797 Mb, @1080p: 1999 Mb, Runtime: 33 minutes

Okay now it’s HYPER for sure! An ultimate challenge for great blower Cosette — GIANT Cattex 55'' balloon! We encouraged her with some motivating print on that huge loon:) Don’t know if that worked or not but we witnessed 70 MINUTES of amazingly hot blowing that ends up with amazing explosion! Yes, it’s the biggest HI BTP for now!

@480p: 1.66 Gb, @1080p: 4.16 Gb, Runtime: 71 minutes

Huge soft tear shaped Brazilian 36'' balloon is marvelous! So is Derpy in her hot corset and stockings! Together they are going to make some sexy (mind)blowing magic with an epic burst in the end!

@480p: 445 Mb, @1080p: 1115 Mb, Runtime: 19 minutes

I bet Cattex had no idea that someone would blow their Giant Dolls by mouth… and even blow it to burst! But here comes Mariette and does the impossible! Blowing Giant Doll to burst with enjoying it all the way! Perfection!

@480p: 1.12 Gb, @1080p: 2.81 Gb, Runtime: 48 minutes

Roomtex 30''x40'' is our strongest balloon for now! It was made for hard riding and holds two persons easily. So blowing it to pop would require some decent lungpower! No doubts Rita has it — she blows this loon to burst with the same ease and playfulness as a simple 14''!

@480p: 275 Mb, @1080p: 690 Mb, Runtime: 11 minutes

Mariette wants bigger and bigger balloons every time! Seems like Gemar 40'', huge, strong and thick balloon should be a proper challenge for this pro blowing lady! Well it tool around half hour for Mariette to hyperinflate it and turn into shreds with a tremendous burst! Awesome, as usual! :)

@480p: 992 Mb, @1080p: 2191 Mb, Runtime: 37 minutes

Our most playful blower is in action again! Seems like she never can get enough of balloon fun so she’s eager to surround herself with latex while blowing huge balloons! And it’s all about pleasure for Rita because she blows this cute pink loon to pop without much efforts!

@480p: 396 Mb, @1080p: 992 Mb, Runtime: 17 minutes

Don’t let the number «24» mislead you. We all know well that these soft crystal Belbals can get much bigger! It could be a trap for beginners but Derpy is not confused at all — she will keep blowing with determination and excitement till this overinflated balloon bursts to shreds!

@480p: 394 Mb, @1080p: 987 Mb, Runtime: 16 minutes

This girl keeps amazing me! Blowing to burst GL800 was an absolutely hardcore challenge that few girls were ready to accept. HUGE stretchy balloon that requires outstanding stamina, lungpower and determination! And Cosette agreed to take it with ease and obvious excitement! It took nearly an hour (!!!) for her to finish it, and every second of this action is brilliant — it’s a true blowing tantric sex with balloon with a fantastic burst in the end! Definitely one of the best HI clips for now.

@480p: 1.35 Gb, @1080p: 3.38 Gb, Runtime: 58 minutes

Very big, very red and very loud in the end! That’s all about huge balloon that Rita is going to blow to the max right now! Just look how huge it becomes on her lips revealing amazing tear-like shape! And, of course, the final burst is gorgeous and Rita’s reaction is always priceless!

@480p: 346 Mb, @1080p: 867 Mb, Runtime: 14 minutes

Cosette wants more and more! And we really enjoy watching her happily smiling while she blows huge balloons! We have a couple of new Roomtex prototypes that need some «field tests» so we passed them to Cosette so make to gorgeous blow-to-pops for us… and for you!

@480p: 766 Mb, @1080p: 1.88 Gb, Runtime: 32 minutes

It always feels like one burst is never enough for Rita. She begged us to give her more and we couldn’t say no. We had some Roomtex 15'' from test batch and gave them to Rita so she could enjoy many bursts in one session! And she really did — preinflating several balloons and then finishing them one by one while riding others! Damn, that’s hawt.

@480p: 375 Mb, @1080p: 941 Mb, Runtime: 16 minutes

It’s a pleasure to see new girls who gladly and eagerly accepts our HyperInflation challenge! No warmup so the very first balloon is really big — it’s a blue Qualatex 36'' with snowflakes print. Derpy deals with it with confidence — she blows it with deep breaths and leads to spectacular burst! Congrats with your first huge btp Derpy! More to come!

@480p: 552 Mb, @1080p: 1383 Mb, Runtime: 23 minutes

Actually 12 minutes is a good result for blowing to pop one Qualatex 24''. But it’s Mariette, an ultimate blower! She did TWO gorgeous btp’s of Q24 balloons (with our signature OXA-NYA print btw) in less than 12 minutes! No cheating, no early pops — two amazing overinftaled loons are going to do mighty booms on Mariette’s lips!

@480p: 284 Mb, @1080p: 713 Mb, Runtime: 12 minutes

Rita loves blowing balloons while riding another one. We don’t mind — there’s never too many balloons around, right? :) The pink loon under her looks smaller with every second — it’s because the blue one on her lips is getting larger and coming to it’s imminent end!

@480p: 416 Mb, @1080p: 1043 Mb, Runtime: 17 minutes