climb-in shelter

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Finding your head stuck in a huge black balloon may be stressful! But when the first wave of panic is over I realized that it’s not dangerous… and even pleasant! So I managed to enjoy keeping my head in balloon before putting it off.

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How are the things going in your huge pink balloon? Do you mind letting me in too? And if I tease you a little bit? My curves look so appealing when pressed into soft latex, and the game of outlines and shadows can easily heat up your imagination;)

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It’s not a shelter. It’s a trap! And Ava is caught in it. She has just realized that there is no way out and started to panic. She tries to break free but all her attempts are futile. And the more she struggles the more fogged the balloon becomes…

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My latex shelter is quite pleasant and I don’t mind staying inside. The latex walls are thick but soft and they are all around me providing a perfect mixed feeling of safety and excitement. The more I touch them the more I want to be squeezed with this balloon from outside so I untie it and let the air out while staying inside.

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Be prepared! Leya is going to test her personal climb-in shelter. She inflates it with a pump, gets in and check her balloon from inside. It looks perfect — big, smooth and pleasant, just like she expected. Now she can put her head out to get some fresh air.

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Huge clear balloon is a perfect shelter for one. But what if you have to share it with a second balloon? It’s big, red and expanding! It may be fun first but after a while I start lacking a free space for me! Luckily I manage to untie the red balloon and let the air out!

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It’s my private party inside giant pint balloon! I’m self-isolated here and no one is welcome here! I’m going to party by myself, and even Leya is not allowed to come in! All she can do is to envy and rub my balloon from the outside to make me marvel on her sexy curves;)

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I trapped my playmate Mariette in giant clear balloon! She wants to break free to be with me and I’m going to let her do that… but not now. First I’m going to tease her and kiss her lips through the latex leaving numerous lipstick imprints on a balloon to make Mariette desire me even more! And when I see that my playmate is excited enough I will let her go come out of the balloon…but not entirely;)

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Slow seductive music, tight spandex bodysuit and a giant clear balloon. I feel relaxed and sexy I and I wanna dance! I will dance around my giant balloon rubbing and squeezing it. I will dance inside this balloon playing and deflating smaller loons inside it. I will even dance sticking my head out of that balloon and wearing it as a inflatable dress while the air is slowly coming out and leaving me trapped in a latex cocoon.

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