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My mind keeps playing dirty tricks with me. I open my eyes but I can’t move because I’m firmly tied with balloons. There was no one in my room so the Anaxo is the only one who could do it to me.

And here she is, sitting in front of me.

I’ve been trying so hard to get rid of her since I can remember but no luck. Now she gained power and able to take control over me.

She speaks. She’s my demon, my dark side, my Id. She wants me to accept this suppressed side of my personality. Maybe she is right. I can’t fight her anymore and even if I could I won’t have ever won.

She leaves me alone in my trap. Damn it. I need to release myself from these bounds. I need to burst these balloons… that’s what she wants from me. To overcome the fear of popping and to turn the phobia to pleasure.

Well… Seems like I have no choice now. I’m coming, Anaxo.

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The best thing about Anaxo is that she can show me what I really think and dream about even when I don’t have courage to admit that.

It’s a first time I got courage to place an order on for the big balloons and I’ve just received the parcel with them. These loons are gorgeous… my heart starts racings same moment I opened the bag and grabbed the first one. This shape, this color, this smell… oh I wish I could try them right now but I can’t…

But I know who can. She’s in my head, unchained, naughty and ready to serve her (and apparently my) desires.

No wonder that Axano gets down with these balloons as I opened a bag. All I can do is watch… and envy.

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I’m home alone and trying to get some courage to try my new toy — it’s a big rubberized whale! I’ve never had them and I’m afraid that it would pop under me if I pump it too much.

So I give Anaxo control over pumping and do my best to focus on my toy.

And this toy is awesome. Big, soft, squishy! Finally I can leave my fears and just enjoy the inflatable and ride it as hard as I want!

But there’s a bad thing about giving Anaxo a right to inflate the toy under me. She doesn’t know when she should stop… or she just doesn’t want to.

I was so excited with riding the huge tight whale that I let Anaxo pump it too much and it bursted under me! That was scary… and weirdly arousing.

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I’ve never dared to blow a balloon to pop before. But this idea teases me and I can’t stop thinking about it. Now when we get along well with Anaxo I want to try blowing a 24'' Belbal… I need her support.

Of course she’s much better at it than me. She is mocking me while blowing her balloon with ease without rush, just to show me how to do it. But anyway her balloon bursts first… it makes her excited and frightens me.

Anyway I have a strong intention to finish my red balloon too! And I will!

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Even though my freed subliminal self is a part of me I feel the difference between us. For example, I still have a kind of fear of popping balloons and try to avoid it. And Anaxo is an eager popper with unlimited lust for bursting balloons. That’s weird.

Sometimes she becomes demanding and forces me to inflate some balloons for her. If I agree and blow her some loons she plays with them like a blood thirsty predator with a weak prey. She rubs them and squeezes them so hard that they burst in her hands! I tried to talk her out of that but… you know.

I guess I should accept that too.

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Something very weird happened with me yesterday. I was sitting in my bedroom surrounded with balloons checking my facebook. And suddenly I felt something… a wild arousal, lust… that was aimed on the balloons around me! An urge to take them and… the last thing I remember was a dropped phone and me reaching for one of balloons. The memories about next few minutes are blurred… but they all are about those balloons.

When I finally came to myself I saw a pile of latex shreds around me and no balloons. What was that?! What happened to me that made me burst all my balloons?! I’ve been thinking about it since then but still have no answer…

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