session 1 – Subliminal Trap

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My mind keeps playing dirty tricks with me. I open my eyes but I can’t move because I’m firmly tied with balloons. There was no one in my room so the Anaxo is the only one who could do it to me.

And here she is, sitting in front of me.

I’ve been trying so hard to get rid of her since I can remember but no luck. Now she gained power and able to take control over me.

She speaks. She’s my demon, my dark side, my Id. She wants me to accept this suppressed side of my personality. Maybe she is right. I can’t fight her anymore and even if I could I won’t have ever won.

She leaves me alone in my trap. Damn it. I need to release myself from these bounds. I need to burst these balloons… that’s what she wants from me. To overcome the fear of popping and to turn the phobia to pleasure.

Well… Seems like I have no choice now. I’m coming, Anaxo.

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