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Test 69. General task is to study the influence of controversial physical and behavioral stimuluses on a sexual arousal related to contact with a tight black Cattex GL1200 MAXIMUM PLEASURE.

My assistant Ava and our new trainee are going to be exposed to two types of effects — gentle vibrations coming to their bodies through the balloon and a threat of popping the balloon under them with a knife (without actual popping).

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Test 81. Comparative balloon durability trial.

According to the test protocol the balloon should withstand full weight bouncing carried out by tester without bursting.

In order to avoid the unpredictable factors like sharp objects or outfit elements the test is running on an inflatable mat and all testers are wearing tight nylon/spandex bodysuits.

The list of test objects: Tuftex 17'', South America 24'', South America 36'', Qualatex 24'', Rifco Giant Elephant, Cattex GL500.

All test objects are disposable — they either fail the test or destroyed by a tester manually.

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An internal lab record. My assistant Ava has a smoke break and stumble upon trainee Mariette with a bunch of balloons prepared for the tests. Mariette is unaware that I don’t allow to bring the test objects to the smoking room. So Ava decide to destroy all the evidences and to give a Mariette a lesson an the same time…

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We’ve already carried out several big test related to this balloon fetish study and my colleagues are doing really good. But there are still some topics that may be difficult for them. So I’m going to do a master class related to dealing with curved balloons. I’m going to tell them how to interact with curvy shapes, how to acquire the balloon neck and play with it and how to get an ultimate pleasure from slow and seductive ripping of latex. Both Ava and Mariette will have two balloons to practice — once with my assistance and once by themselves.

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Test 48. Prolonged focusing on blowing big tight balloon is supposed to cause various physical and emotional effects — from excitement to sexual arousal. The expanding balloon of your partner may also lead to the unwilling competition between blowers. I’m going to blow a balloon along with Ava and Mariette but will let them to blow their Tuftex 24'' balloons to pop first. Every burst is going to be recorder on 3 cams, including a slo-mo one.

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Test 112. It took quite a long to find a volunteer for this experiment. But we have a trainee Mariette now and she is ready for anything just to get this job. So she is going to comprehend the stress related to slow uncontrolled inflation of a giant balloon in a close proximity to her body.

Stage 1 in a primary inflation of a giant balloon under Mariette’s fishnet bodysuit with a hand and foot pump operated by me and Ava. The bodysuit should provide a proper pressure of an expanding balloon to Mariette’s body for a while but it is predicted to rip in the end.

Stage 2 is pumping the giant balloon (pre-inflated during the stage 1) to the burst size while it is securely attached to Mariette’s body with the belts. The burst will be recorded on 3 cams, including slow motion one.

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After several tests involving inflatables the testing site 2 is crowded with them. So in the end of the day I, Ava and Mariette come to deflate them all. Luckily we’re not limited with the test protocols now and are free to do it the way we like the most!

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Another project is successfully finished and Tactile Triggers Revision Department team gathers to celebrate it with a glass of wine and to share the emotions about it. Talking about acquired balloon handling skills quickly turns intro demonstration (the testing site 1 is still full of balloons), demonstration turns to show-off and the show-off turns into crazy popping fun! Go girls, we worked so hard and we deserved it!

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