Shipping: $110.00

Barbie for little girls, Boobie for big boys! ;)

Our brand new custom toy is here! Just look in her big eyes! I said — EYES!

Okay, you can check her boobs too. Now you know why I call her Boobie lol. And if you are into juicy butts she has a perfect one too!

And the best thing about Boobie is that she is made for pleasure and can’t say «no» ;) And she doesn’t take much space when deflated.

In terms of numbers — TTR Boobie is a 3-meter (9,85’) inflatable toy made of soft yet durable 0,4mm PVC; 8 chambers with double valves; perfect overlapping seams.

Your own Boobie will be crafted specially for you. You can choose matte or glossy (+$90) PVC and add a love hole between her juicy buns (+$80).
The production takes 5–10 working days after payment. The item will be shipped to you discretely via DHL Express or TNT (3–5 days and $110). Be ready to provide your phone number too.

Boobie waits for you honey ☺


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