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Barbie for little girls, Boobie for big boys! ;)

Our brand new custom toy is here! Just look in her big eyes! I said — EYES!

Okay, you can check her boobs too. Now you know why I call her Boobie lol. And if you are into juicy butts she has a perfect one too!

And the best thing about Boobie is that she is made for pleasure and can’t say «no» ;) And she doesn’t take much space when deflated.

In terms of numbers — TTR Boobie is a BIG inflatable toy made of soft yet durable 0,4mm PVC; 8 chambers with double valves; perfect overlapping seams.

Boobie waits for you honey:-)

The toy is available in 3 sizes — 2m (6'7''), 2,5m (8'3''), 3m (9'10'') and two designs — pink and purple. Basic priсe is for 2m (6'7'') matte 0,4mm PVC toy. SPH (love hole) is optional.

NOTE: production and delivery takes up to 30 days after full payment. The tracking number will be provided when your toy is ready and shipped to your address.

Shipping via DHL Express (2–5 days)