session 6 – Close Contact Expansion

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Test 112. It took quite a long to find a volunteer for this experiment. But we have a trainee Mariette now and she is ready for anything just to get this job. So she is going to comprehend the stress related to slow uncontrolled inflation of a giant balloon in a close proximity to her body.

Stage 1 in a primary inflation of a giant balloon under Mariette’s fishnet bodysuit with a hand and foot pump operated by me and Ava. The bodysuit should provide a proper pressure of an expanding balloon to Mariette’s body for a while but it is predicted to rip in the end.

Stage 2 is pumping the giant balloon (pre-inflated during the stage 1) to the burst size while it is securely attached to Mariette’s body with the belts. The burst will be recorded on 3 cams, including slow motion one.

8 minutes

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