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She came home in a bad mood. Emptied my glass of wine saying nothing and collapsed on a couch. I already knew that it’s better not to ask anything and just do what she says. And her only order was to bring her balloons. I obeyed and gave her a couple of them. First the rubbed those balloons a bit and then she suddenly pressed her spiky heels right into the latex… Omg, that was so scary and loud. I was rooted to the spot and who knows how long could I stay numb if she wouldn’t claim another latex victim for her…

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Besides of her obvious sex appeal this explosive fusion of impetuosity and kink still thrills me. She can suddenly jump on a dinner table, throw my book away and start blowing big balloons to the max just to feel how it scares me and to see me trying to fight my fear of those sudden massive bangs. She’s definitely crazy.

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Of course the big balloons in her bedroom are a ‘must have’ stuff. I tried to object but she just laughed at me. Now she intentionally keeps the huge balloon as close to me as it’s possible. Moreover, she can suddenly jump on it and start humping and squeezing that poor balloon to make me look terrified again… Thanks God it doesn’t end with the burst every time. And I have to admit that watching her body squeezed into a clear latex may distract from the fear of popping…

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I knew that those distant sounds were more like working pump and not like a regular kitchen noise but she didn’t let me out of the room until she finished and invited me for a dinner. She said we would have a duck… well yes, we really had it. Huge, more than 2 meters long, tightly inflated duck float. Damn, she even drew the icons of garnishes on it! And when she pierced one with the fork I finally realized that her today appetite is certainly not about poultry…

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I guess it’s a kind of test for me. To sit calm and try not to close my eyes and ears while she inflates balloons and squeeze them with her fingers right on my crotch. My heart raced faster and faster with every squeaking sound coming from her hands squishing those poor balloons and every burst was like a small heart attack… and she lust laughed. Well anyway I hope I passed that.

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I get used to see all these balloons around all the time. But not to her impulsive lust to catch me relaxed and rise my anxiety from 0 to 100 in no time. Like this time when I watched TV peacefully and she suddenly put a chair in front of me and started seductively popping balloons on it. Damn, those bangs where so loud… But I must admit that her butt looks awesome in those leather tights!

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Sometimes her passion for balloons results in really crazy episodes. Like the one when she was sitting on huge zeppelin balloons while the pump inflated it. And she humped this balloon all the time until in burst right under her! And she repeated this madness three times in a row! That’s insane, I could barely stand near this growing giant and she managed to hump it happily and even had fun watching me confused…

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Well what could I expect after that video call? Of course the ONE FUCKING HUGE BALLOON POPPING LESSON! I guess she had enough fun watching me frightened and now she wanted to involve me into her kinky games.
Even after all that madness she did with balloons during the last weeks this one looks outstanding… She squeezed big balloons to pop fearlessly, she jumped on them, bounced them hard… and they turn to shreds with the massive burst! So many huge balloons, and she popped all of them! I see how much she enjoyed it and made a decision — I should finally overcome my fear and accept this part of her life. Maybe one day we could do it together.

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