South America 36'' soft crystal (new)

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3rd generation of epic SA36 balloons brings you awesome exclusive soft crystal colors! I figured out why do they look so sexy — soft colors make me feel like this balloon looks so clear because it’s so much overinflated and ready to burst… but it is not ☺

Perfect natural Brazilian latex with minimum additives makes these balloons very soft and stretchy yet pretty strong. And of course the famous SA36 neck that can compete with Longnecks!

We offer 4 amazing crystal colors — light pink, light blue, light orange and light purple. It’s a custom order so these colors are not available anywhere else!

The price is 15% lower now! Thanks to the Val’s negotiation skills lol.

The quality of balloons increased too, comparing to standard pastel colored SA36 from the first batch these balloons are 2–3 times (!) stronger. However, they are still a kind of custom «wild latex» that may be slightly unpredictable even without visible defects so I suggest to get at least a couple of balloons. Just in case ☺