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My mind keeps playing dirty tricks with me. I open my eyes but I can’t move because I’m firmly tied with balloons. There was no one in my room so the Anaxo is the only one who could do it to me.

And here she is, sitting in front of me.

I’ve been trying so hard to get rid of her since I can remember but no luck. Now she gained power and able to take control over me.

She speaks. She’s my demon, my dark side, my Id. She wants me to accept this suppressed side of my personality. Maybe she is right. I can’t fight her anymore and even if I could I won’t have ever won.

She leaves me alone in my trap. Damn it. I need to release myself from these bounds. I need to burst these balloons… that’s what she wants from me. To overcome the fear of popping and to turn the phobia to pleasure.

Well… Seems like I have no choice now. I’m coming, Anaxo.

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The less Leya sees the more she feels with her other senses. The black ribbon on her eyes will turn into surprise everything I’m going to do with her… and with these gorgeous crystal helium balloons tied to her arms and legs. Leya will be able to touch them with me, to feel how tight these balloons are, she will hear my hands rubbing the latex and long sharp hails scratching it. She will know what’s coming but she will have no clue about exact moment when the balloon will burst in my hands. And that’s what will bring her a perfect mix of fear and excitement!

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Supergirl returns home after her Birthday party and finds an uninvited guest sitting on her bed. It’s Harley Quinn and the purpose of her visit is not clear… Harley’s twisted mind is unpredictable and Supergirl will pay for her carelessness very soon.

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Making a bunch is a way to keep balloons together whatever is going to happen to them. I feel both their fear and your excitement when I squeeze these huge loons and dip my fingers into latex slowly and seductively… until they all burst for my and your satisfaction.

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These bitches somehow managed to get two impressive bunches of big helium filled balloons. And I have only one balloon that is filled with shitty air.
Well it’s time to give a lesson to this shameless couple that no one is allowed to own more balloons than me!

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Test 81. Comparative balloon durability trial.

According to the test protocol the balloon should withstand full weight bouncing carried out by tester without bursting.

In order to avoid the unpredictable factors like sharp objects or outfit elements the test is running on an inflatable mat and all testers are wearing tight nylon/spandex bodysuits.

The list of test objects: Tuftex 17'', South America 24'', South America 36'', Qualatex 24'', Rifco Giant Elephant, Cattex GL500.

All test objects are disposable — they either fail the test or destroyed by a tester manually.

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You regain consciousness in the dark laying binded, duct-taped and cuffed to the bed. No chance to escape. The silent but terrifying sounds come from nowhere and become louder and louder scaring you. The dim lights catch the person with balloons approaching to you… A flash blinds you for a second and you see a clown girl. In spite of her sex appeal you see the sparkles of insanity in her eyes. She knows about your fear of balloons. She prepared a wicked torture for you. She will make balloons burst right in your face freaking you out.

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The colorful cluster of 16'' balloons with the marble 24'' on top is just as beautiful as it can be! Too bad I’ve already prepared my long sharp nails and I’m not going to stop till I pop all those loons!

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I love snow but I love balloons way more ☺ That’s why my huge snowball is made of balloons! All these Christmas lights around me play on their tight surfaces and welcome me to dip my nails, teeth and heels right into them…

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Reading requires silence. Balloons requires gentle handling. Mariette managed to break both rules at once and has to be punished right now!

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I can feel the fear of those beach balls as I approach them with an obvious intention to burst every one of them. This fear makes them soft and weak. But some big balls still decide to oppose me and try to resist my fury. Too bad for them.

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Two hot girl’s bodies are ready to join in passionate embrace… but there’s a balloon between them. Unfortunate obstacle? No, a kinky intermediate that could accommodate our excitement! But just for a while. A fragile nature of balloon doesn’t let it to endure so much passion so the burst is imminent. A burst we both are longing for.

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This bunch of long Unique Airships won’t last long ☺ Watch them burst in my hands and vaporize into tiniest shreds when I bounce on them hard.

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You decided to have some kinky balloon alone fun while your girlfriend is at work. But when you’ve just started getting down with balloons she suddenly comes back home. You girlfriend hates your ugly fetish and no surprise that she gets mad busting you… She’s going to teach you a nasty lesson.

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Is it good time for balloon to lay on the inflatable lounge or even on the bed? Mmm… I guess so but only until I jump on it! Even though some of them are able to endure some abuse I will end this session surrounded with the latex shreds!

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Ropes, blinds and gag — my mute and Immobilized slave lays on the Doll balloon with a bunch of 25'' balloons tied to her. I can feel her heart racing ever time the balloon starts making squeaky sounds in my hands… and her body trembles under me when the balloon busts. Her muffled moaning means that she want more…

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