vacation room

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This balloon riding and deflating is so hot that even the AC won’t help ☺

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Nice way to relax on the room balcony is to blow up a couple of balloons and sitpop them ☺ Great way to chill out!

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Violent summer heat makes balloons softer. I came to the garden to see how big will this custom made 17'' balloon will become before the burst!

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Time to put the inflatables into their natural habitat! Dozens eyes of the hotel guests witness me sitting on the Duck float in the pool and blowing big colorful beachball. I guess you don’t mind to see this show too!

@400p: 98 Mb, @720p: 185 Mb, @1080p: 359 Mb, Runtime: 4 minutes

Those crystal red 14'' balloons were so soft that I could touch the floor with my foot right through them! Or at least dip it well into the latex so you could feel all that tension right before the burst…

@400p: 116 Mb, @720p: 219 Mb, @1080p: 426 Mb, Runtime: 5 minutes

It’s the last day of my vacation and I’m packing up my suitcase. But my lovely Duck float and beachball are still inflated! I need to squeeze the air out of them so I could bring them home!

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I deflate the beachball in the pool.

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Catching the last rays of the sunset I blow up a nicely necked 17'' balloon and pop it with my nails in the end.

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