session 7 – To Shreds

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Every time I sit on a big balloon I feel the tension of the tight latex under me that increases with every hump. The bouncing neck becomes bigger and bigger and it is so stretched and clear that I can see through it even when it was opaque when we started. The excitement overwhelms me…would this loon take one more jump or would it burst right now? And one more? Maybe it will tear in the neck and flatten fast… or maybe it will be too stubborn and I will have to rip it with my fingers? And suddenly it explodes under me spilling the tiny shreds of latex all over the room!.. I feel my heart is racing, pumping the blood full of endorphins… I need another one right now! Luckily I’m well prepared — seven SA36'', seven Q24'', one RCR and a bunch of 14'' and 16'' balloons filled with helium. So let’s take another one and see what happens next…

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