room #8

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@400p: 3.56 Gb, @720p: 3.56 Gb, @1080p: 7.14 Gb, Runtime: 81 minutes
$89.99 (83.46) $60.29 (55.92)

This 72'' TTR beachball is so big! Won’t it be too much air in the room if I deflate it? Probably not but I’d prefer to blow up a Nemo toy to keep the air balance just in case. I wish balancing on the deflating beachball was that easy too! But anyway it’s a lot of fun ☺

@400p: 317 Mb, @720p: 603 Mb, @1080p: 1.15 Gb, Runtime: 13 minutes
$16.99 (15.76) $11.38 (10.55)

Have you ever imagined of being a balloon under me while I’m doing a ride on you? Maybe you’d like to see how does it look like? I grant you the seat in the front row to this show. Have a look from the inside of the clear GL900 and enjoy!

@400p: 181 Mb, @720p: 344 Mb, @1080p: 668 Mb, Runtime: 7.5 minutes
$9.99 (9.27) $6.69 (6.20)

I’m going to blow this custom made 17'' balloon full of glitters till it burst while riding the clear GL700 and you will have a chance to enjoy the slo-mo view of this moment from the camera spinning over me!

@400p: 137 Mb, @720p: 260 Mb, @1080p: 504 Mb, Runtime: 5.5 minutes
$7.99 (7.41) $5.35 (4.96)

24 balloons are caged in their cells and have no chance to escape from me. I’m coming for them with the sharp cocktail stick and some nasty intentions. Let’s see how deep can I dip my weapon into the tight latex before it bursts into shreds…

@400p: 190 Mb, @720p: 360 Mb, @1080p: 700 Mb, Runtime: 8 minutes
$10.99 (10.19) $7.36 (6.83)

Two RCR’s, South America 36'' and Qualatex 24'' THE LOONER — these balloons on my bed are here to serve my inner demons tonight. They have to deal with my fierce lust of latex that won’t end until the last loon is tortured. I will jump on them, squeeze their necks hard in my hands and between my legs, rub my whole body over these loons and will go on and on…

@400p: 312 Mb, @720p: 594 Mb, @1080p: 1.13 Gb, Runtime: 13 minutes
$16.99 (15.76) $11.38 (10.55)

Do you like the great neck of the Qualatex 24'' It’s awesome for sure! But the neck of the South America 36'' is wider! And the neck of the RCR 20''x36'' is just unbeatable! I will ride and deflate them one by one so you could see why do I like them all ☺

@400p: 234 Mb, @720p: 445 Mb, @1080p: 865 Mb, Runtime: 10 minutes
$12.99 (12.05) $8.70 (8.07)

Every time I sit on a big balloon I feel the tension of the tight latex under me that increases with every hump. The bouncing neck becomes bigger and bigger and it is so stretched and clear that I can see through it even when it was opaque when we started. The excitement overwhelms me…would this loon take one more jump or would it burst right now? And one more? Maybe it will tear in the neck and flatten fast… or maybe it will be too stubborn and I will have to rip it with my fingers? And suddenly it explodes under me spilling the tiny shreds of latex all over the room!.. I feel my heart is racing, pumping the blood full of endorphins… I need another one right now! Luckily I’m well prepared — seven SA36'', seven Q24'', one RCR and a bunch of 14'' and 16'' balloons filled with helium. So let’s take another one and see what happens next…

@400p: 411 Mb, @720p: 781 Mb, @1080p: 1.48 Gb, Runtime: 17 minutes
$22.99 (21.32) $15.40 (14.28)