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Black nylon bodysuit, skittish spandex swimsuit and a custom 18'' crystal purple balloon between them. It is flat now but the slow pump is already on. The pressure inside balloon is growing every second scaring Mariette and amusing me. The loon already bulges at top and bottom… aaaand…

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I have a E cup. Or even F. Or G. H… I… Omg Leya, don’t pump up my boobs too much! I love seeing them huge but they are already enormous!

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Stockings with garter, ponytails, balloon boobs and some purple balloons. Perfect set for sexy blowing and teasing!

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Do you know that feeling when embracing balloons is just not enough for your loon lust? Oh that shameful feeling that I can’t fight! Dying with shame, I try to put a balloon under my shirt… and one more… and again… Why it feels so good? I need bigger balloons touching my skin! Luckily I have a couple of them in my beside table…

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I told Ava to clean her room from balloons an hour ago and I have a feeling that nothing is done there. I found this disobedient girl hiding under the blanket in her pink nylon sleeping bag. And of course balloons are still there! That pisses me off! I should give her a lesson — I will fill stuff her sleeping bag with these balloons and pop them all right on her!

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I’m going to encase my little willing victim into the stretchy nylon pantyhose-like bag, fill it with balloons and pop them one by one to make her feel the pleasure of being a slave of such a kinky mistress. I know she loves the mix of latex and nylons too….

Runtime: 5 minutes
$7.99 $5.35

Everything is set for a special procedure that Ava is going to undergo. Me and Leya are going to carry out some extreme breast and belly expansion. Our only aim is to provide Ava with the balloon boobs and belly as huge as they could be! And the only way to know that limit is to cross it… with some huge bursts!

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I love your shirt Leya! It looks spacy enough for a big balloon I’m going to place there! Of course the balloon will be small and flat first but then I put it under your shirt and attach the pump… and we both will see how it expands, becomes huge and swollen, how much it stretches your shirt… and how loud it bursts to million shreds! Which one of four do you like the most? It’d doesn’t matter because you will taste them all!

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A bit of magic may turn an ordinary evening into exciting experience. Just a few rubs of Mariette’s belly — and it starts swelling and growing! It scares her while her belly becomes bigger and bigger and she begs me to stop it. Luckily, I have a sharp stick ☺ Now it’s her turn to try her witchcraft — she puts her hands on my breasts and start rubbing…

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Mariette’s oversized T-shirt has enough free space under it to fit a pretty big balloon. Of course, she will blow it up by herself and won’t stop blowing till the balloon goes boom!

@400p: 70 Mb, @720p: 133 Mb, @1080p: 259 Mb, Runtime: 3 minutes

Feel hungry? What about double balloon girl sandwich? One part of a tight Roomtex Megaboobs balloon, Mariette, another part of balloon and Stashia! This dish is served hot and always contain some big pops! Wanna have it double with a Roomtex lloD desset? Oh I bet you’re already drooling!

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There is too much free space in the pink nylon bag I’m sitting in. I want to have it filled with balloons! The ones with our print! Belbals 14'' are just fine for that. Cosette and Stashia will blow them up for me and will help me to feel squeezed between nylon and latex! A couple of sudden pops may occur but it’s a fair price for having my nylon bag stuffed well!

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