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It’s one of Birthday presents I’ve asked about — to be caged in a huge clear balloon while it is pumped to pop! And before the burst I have enough time to blow some 12'' balloons by mouth so me and my girls could pop them too when I break free!

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First day on my own in my masters’ house. They are away till next week and I have so many things to do here. Laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, ironing… I need a little break, to sit down, relax and marvel on this lovely balloon decoration. These floating loons are so nice! Too bad I was told to get rid of them… Well I could do it fast but…why wouldn’t I try something different while no one sees? I could give a regard to these loons if I pop them it a more… intimate way. Like sitting and bouncing on them will burst! Mmm, I love this idea… Hope there is no candid cam in this place!

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Supergirl returns home after her Birthday party and finds an uninvited guest sitting on her bed. It’s Harley Quinn and the purpose of her visit is not clear… Harley’s twisted mind is unpredictable and Supergirl will pay for her carelessness very soon.

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Final Room deserves an epic signature item! And we have it — it’s an enormous inflatable zeppelin that we painted together! It’s beautiful, huge and soft but that’s not all of its features! This zeppelin is filled with not just an air but with the big balloons! So when the valve is opened the inflatable toy turns into a huge sack full of balloons that are great for riding and sitpopping together!

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Two SA36 balloons are way too attractive to survive this clip. All they can do is to bring me as much pleasure as possible while I’m riding and squeezing them really hard!

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See the green and red balloons around the couch? I’m going to squeeze the necks out of them. Don’t blame me if I do it too hard — I’m too passionate about huge balloon necks. And the biggest ones are just before the burst!

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The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Quite a suitable definitions for TTR.
But when I take big and soft purple balloons, dip my body into shiny latex, make their necks bounce and squeeze my fingers into their tight surface until these loons burst…you won’t have any words but «Please, more!»
7 balloons were popped during this session — Brazil 36’’, China 25’’ and 33’’.

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Nice way to relax on the room balcony is to blow up a couple of balloons and sitpop them ☺ Great way to chill out!

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See how soft these toys are? This vinyl was turned to rubber with some special fetish alchemy trick! Now I can squeeze these toys hard, dip myself into them and see how they expand when I jump on these Nemos. And the harder I bounce on them the more imminent their burst becomes! Even the small leak in one of the toys won’t help it to avoid my popping lust — I prepared a couple of sharp heels for it too.

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I tried to be good with these balloons but they still reject to show me their real limit. I have a sanction to use all available methods to find it out. I know how to make a pressure inside these stubborn loons unbearable.

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Test 81. Comparative balloon durability trial.

According to the test protocol the balloon should withstand full weight bouncing carried out by tester without bursting.

In order to avoid the unpredictable factors like sharp objects or outfit elements the test is running on an inflatable mat and all testers are wearing tight nylon/spandex bodysuits.

The list of test objects: Tuftex 17'', South America 24'', South America 36'', Qualatex 24'', Rifco Giant Elephant, Cattex GL500.

All test objects are disposable — they either fail the test or destroyed by a tester manually.

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Day is as good for love as the night is. I waited for this day so long… and finally I can be alone in the bedroom, surrounded with so many big tight balloons! Each one of them wishes to be my only but it’s just not enough for me. I can’t control my anxiety — every time I squeeze my balloons too hard and they burst loudly… it excites me even more.

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You regain consciousness in the dark laying binded, duct-taped and cuffed to the bed. No chance to escape. The silent but terrifying sounds come from nowhere and become louder and louder scaring you. The dim lights catch the person with balloons approaching to you… A flash blinds you for a second and you see a clown girl. In spite of her sex appeal you see the sparkles of insanity in her eyes. She knows about your fear of balloons. She prepared a wicked torture for you. She will make balloons burst right in your face freaking you out.

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Even after my harsh lesson she still intends to finish cleaning my house. I told her to clean my balloons so they will be shiny but this clumsy bitch can’t even hold them tight. So if she can’t do her work she will become my play toy for today. I’m going to have fun making her bounce on my balloons until they are either deflated or popped.

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I can feel the fear of those beach balls as I approach them with an obvious intention to burst every one of them. This fear makes them soft and weak. But some big balls still decide to oppose me and try to resist my fury. Too bad for them.

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I’m driven with irresistible longing for balloons. To feel the tight latex between my hips is what I desire right now and luckily I do have seven loons to feed my passion. Each one is going to be my willing fragile toy that is so attractive yet incapable to withstand all my… attention. Some of them will have a neck ripped off quite soon and other ones would bring me a lot of riding and squeezing joy before the burst!

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