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You decided to have some kinky balloon alone fun while your girlfriend is at work. But when you’ve just started getting down with balloons she suddenly comes back home. You girlfriend hates your ugly fetish and no surprise that she gets mad busting you… She’s going to teach you a nasty lesson.

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Are these tanks, helicopters and planes real menace or just a distracting maneuver? Let’s take a closer look!

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Football vs. archery? My small blunt arrow versus this curvy tight inflatable football chair. Those loud piercing and hissing sounds imply that I’m gonna win soom. I would even patch the holes with stickers to extend the pleasure and be able to make even more holes in my toy until it’s totally flat.

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Nothing matters when I lay on a big soft zeppelin balloon in a lacy bodystocking. Only me, touch of latex and nylon and nothing more. And when my girls unclip my balloon it just makes me immerse dipper into the blimp…

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We’ve already carried out several big test related to this balloon fetish study and my colleagues are doing really good. But there are still some topics that may be difficult for them. So I’m going to do a master class related to dealing with curved balloons. I’m going to tell them how to interact with curvy shapes, how to acquire the balloon neck and play with it and how to get an ultimate pleasure from slow and seductive ripping of latex. Both Ava and Mariette will have two balloons to practice — once with my assistance and once by themselves.

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It was the fifth visit to my therapist. My progress was pretty decent; my balloon fear was already quite manageable. She saw it too and decided to do a next step — to make me stay near a big balloon. I thought it would be quite enough for one visit but the therapist went further — she started to squeeze the balloon and ever sit on it in her attempt to prove that not all balloons pop.

Her intentions were good but after getting over my phobic reactions I felt something different… something that made me feel embarrassed. This «something» made me abandon all my manners and peep what was going to happen with balloons when my visit is over… oh my god, she kept on riding those huge loons! She did it so sensual that I was unable to stop staring… but she noticed me and got mad. Oh god I think my next visit will be canceled.

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Come on Rita, we have a job to do! These huge balloons need our naughty attention and I’m not going to make them wait! Open the clips and ride them while the air is coming out! And yes, don’t forget about that giant 72'' Oversized Room balloon too, I want to feel it all over my body!

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They look familiar but still unusual… why are these floats so round and… voluminous? They look so overinflated and nearly bursting! Mmm, maybe that’s why they look so attractive to me. I need to hop on them, open the valves and squeeze the air out right now!

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Oh yeah, it is really ultimate riding and sitpopping session! Hardest bouncing, GIANT necks and large balloons loudly exploding under me — every second of this pretty long session is filled with taking tight latex to its limit and beyond it. No more words needed.

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I’m too impatient to just wait till I blow to pop the balloons I picked for it. I want to see some tight latex popping right now! So I will slowly burst all the balloons around me while blowing to pop other ones. Luckily I have enough of them!

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Two RCR’s, South America 36'' and Qualatex 24'' THE LOONER — these balloons on my bed are here to serve my inner demons tonight. They have to deal with my fierce lust of latex that won’t end until the last loon is tortured. I will jump on them, squeeze their necks hard in my hands and between my legs, rub my whole body over these loons and will go on and on…

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The best thing about big balloons is that you can fully dive into them! I have two round giants — clear Cattex 55'' and crystal red Tilly 60''. Of course I could blow them bigger so they would fill all the space but I prefer to let the air out and enjoy the softness of these latex clouds!

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