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What is the difference between 32’’ and 36’’ Longnecks? One is bigger, another has wider neck. One is clear, another is crystal blue. But both Longnecks are perfect to dip myself into them, squeeze them in my arms and see how their necks bounce when I jump on them. So why should I choose one when I can take both, enjoy and deflate them in the end?

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These «ice cream» leggings look so delicious that I want to lick them! But I have more exciting things to do — I’m going to ride and sitpop dozen of 14’’ and 16’’ balloons on chair. Fist ones were old and surrender pretty quick but the last ones got a lot of hard bouncing before they burst!

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Even my sharp heels can barely pierce the tight surface of this big Black Swan float. I patch every new hole with the sticker to prolong the pleasure and make as many holes as I can before all five compartments of this toy lose all the air.

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Do you know that feeling when embracing balloons is just not enough for your loon lust? Oh that shameful feeling that I can’t fight! Dying with shame, I try to put a balloon under my shirt… and one more… and again… Why it feels so good? I need bigger balloons touching my skin! Luckily I have a couple of them in my beside table…

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My huge GL1200 Maximum Pleasure balloon is my all-time love. I’m sure you love those sexy bastards too! This time I put a GL700 into it to make them even more bouncy. Ah, yes, I also put a GL500 into GL700 inside GL1200 and it gave me some extraordinary joy of riding them all at once! I bounced them so hard that the inner GL500 bursted right inside the other two spilling the tiny lights… but it just spiced up the pleasure ☺

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Me and Katya are going to blow up one lovely clear 40'' balloons with red hearts on it. I start blowing and Katya watches me while riding the big soft balloons. It’s a game for two even when only the one of us keeps her lips on the valve. Then I pass the balloon to Katya and she blows it so tight that it explodes from the single touch!

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You decided to have some kinky balloon alone fun while your girlfriend is at work. But when you’ve just started getting down with balloons she suddenly comes back home. You girlfriend hates your ugly fetish and no surprise that she gets mad busting you… She’s going to teach you a nasty lesson.

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Are these tanks, helicopters and planes real menace or just a distracting maneuver? Let’s take a closer look!

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Football vs. archery? My small blunt arrow versus this curvy tight inflatable football chair. Those loud piercing and hissing sounds imply that I’m gonna win soom. I would even patch the holes with stickers to extend the pleasure and be able to make even more holes in my toy until it’s totally flat.

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Nothing matters when I lay on a big soft zeppelin balloon in a lacy bodystocking. Only me, touch of latex and nylon and nothing more. And when my girls unclip my balloon it just makes me immerse dipper into the blimp…

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We’ve already carried out several big test related to this balloon fetish study and my colleagues are doing really good. But there are still some topics that may be difficult for them. So I’m going to do a master class related to dealing with curved balloons. I’m going to tell them how to interact with curvy shapes, how to acquire the balloon neck and play with it and how to get an ultimate pleasure from slow and seductive ripping of latex. Both Ava and Mariette will have two balloons to practice — once with my assistance and once by themselves.

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It was the fifth visit to my therapist. My progress was pretty decent; my balloon fear was already quite manageable. She saw it too and decided to do a next step — to make me stay near a big balloon. I thought it would be quite enough for one visit but the therapist went further — she started to squeeze the balloon and ever sit on it in her attempt to prove that not all balloons pop.

Her intentions were good but after getting over my phobic reactions I felt something different… something that made me feel embarrassed. This «something» made me abandon all my manners and peep what was going to happen with balloons when my visit is over… oh my god, she kept on riding those huge loons! She did it so sensual that I was unable to stop staring… but she noticed me and got mad. Oh god I think my next visit will be canceled.

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