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This huge cute creature was born beyond far Eastern Seas, branded with my sign and delivered to our room to please my sophisticated taste. And it does the job — the round shapes looks so attractive, the tightly inflated yet soft vinyl lures me to jump on and learn how it feels between my hips. I can’t resist this desire and have a long passionate ride on this dragon. Then I take my special stick and… no, I won’t pop it. Not now. But I let the air out from all chambers one by one. The valves are tight so I squeeze this toy with my hands, stomp with my feet and bounce on it until the dragon is nearly flat.

@400p: 487 Mb, @720p: 950 Mb, @1080p: 1.83 Gb, Runtime: 21 minutes
$29.99 $20.09

I have six various big and lovely balloons painted specially for this session. Their destiny is worth envying — these lucky loons not only survive this shootings but they will learn how does it feel like when I bounce on them hard while the pump makes them bigger and bigger under me.
This session comes with English subtitles.

@400p: 418 Mb, @720p: 815 Mb, @1080p: 1.57 Gb, Runtime: 18 minutes
$24.99 $16.74

32’’ longnecks are the one of the best balloons for looner fun ever made. The more time I spend with them the more I need. Let’s see how long this Longneck will become while I blow it to the pop.

@400p: 219 Mb, @720p: 426 Mb, @1080p: 840 Mb, Runtime: 9 minutes
$12.99 $8.70

We designed the inflatable toy that is charged with fetish naughtiness from nose to tail! Transparent dog in pink bodysuit and fishnet stockings on suspenders — hell yeah, that’s what I like! No more questions, I’m already on it and ready to enjoy this toy.

@400p: 303 Mb, @720p: 563 Mb, @1080p: 1.1 Gb, Runtime: 12 minutes
$15.99 $10.71

One of my first beachball clips had the same title. But of course it was not about deflating 2-meter beachball in shiny green bodysuit! Everything tastes different how… except the apple flavored bubblegum ☺

@400p: 464 Mb, @720p: 862 Mb, @1080p: 1.68 Gb, Runtime: 19 minutes
$25.99 $17.41

The writings on the balloons don’t give a clue if they are going to be popped or not. Don’t worry — no balloons were hurt during this session… though they took a lot of abuse!

@400p: 360 Mb, @720p: 668 Mb, @1080p: 1.3 Gb, Runtime: 15 minutes
$19.99 $13.39

The best thing in keeping inflated balloons in my bedroom is that I can enjoy soft cuddles of latex right after waking up. This time I prepared on only the softest Olympic 45'' and South America 36'' but a very special one — tightly stuffed with 12'' balloons GL1200 Maximum Pleasure zeppelin. Oh yes, let’s dive into balloons right now!

@400p: 359 Mb, @720p: 682 Mb, @1080p: 1.3 Gb, Runtime: 15 minutes
$18.99 $12.72

This 72'' TTR beachball is so big! Won’t it be too much air in the room if I deflate it? Probably not but I’d prefer to blow up a Nemo toy to keep the air balance just in case. I wish balancing on the deflating beachball was that easy too! But anyway it’s a lot of fun ☺

@400p: 317 Mb, @720p: 603 Mb, @1080p: 1.15 Gb, Runtime: 13 minutes
$16.99 $11.38

This balloon riding and deflating is so hot that even the AC won’t help ☺

@400p: 230 Mb, @720p: 437 Mb, @1080p: 849 Mb, Runtime: 9.5 minutes
$9.99 $6.69

The young and sexy shepherdess comes to feed her lovely pet with some fresh air. And the grateful cow will give her a pleasant ride in return.

@400p: 370 Mb, @720p: 704 Mb, @1080p: 1.34 Gb, Runtime: 15.5 minutes
$18.99 $12.72

It’s amazing how sexy this huge inflatable horse looks! The colorful reflections on its tight glossy surface brings me the burning desire to hop on this horse, squeeze it between my hips, embrace it and ride it hard! Moreover, the sweet pink dolphin will ride the horse with me and when I deflate the horse the dolphin will get my full attention too.

@400p: 267 Mb, @720p: 508 Mb, @1080p: 990 Mb, Runtime: 11 minutes
$14.99 $10.04

Do you like ponies? Even if you don’t you will make an exception for my huge pink toy with big belly and round boobs! Of course me and Katya are longing to ride it and ready to hop on! The soft round shapes can make everyone go crazy so these two girls go naughty while bouncing on the top of the toy. We deflate it in the end wrapping ourselves together in this warm and soft vinyl…

@400p: 351 Mb, @720p: 668 Mb, @1080p: 1.27 Gb, Runtime: 14.5 minutes
$24.99 $16.74

This clown girl looks like she’s going to pump that huge balloon…but why is it inflating in so weird manner? I even see some strange patterns appearing on it…and suddenly the balloon bursts and reveals the huge beachball hidden inside it. The clown girl pumps it to the max and then slowly deflates it teasing the observer.

@400p: 487 Mb, @720p: 927 Mb, @1080p: 1.76 Gb, Runtime: 20.5 minutes
$19.99 $13.39

It’s 90s here and want to pop something BIG! Luckily (for me, not for toy lol) I have one of my huge inflatable Balloon Dog nearby. So I will use my high heels and sharp stick to make it flat.

@400p: 321 Mb, @720p: 612 Mb, @1080p: 1.16 Gb, Runtime: 13.5 minutes
$19.99 $13.39

This maid told me she would make my house clean and tidy in no time but still struggling to wash off my lipstick from my inflatable toy. She won’t come here again for sure — if you enter my house you should know how to treat my toys right. I should teach her a lesson this worthless girl will remember.

Runtime: 7 minutes
$9.99 $6.69

To serve the secret desires. To protect kinky dreams. To wear hot shiny tights and to ride huge soft balloons in a blinking police lights.

@400p: 165 Mb, @720p: 315 Mb, @1080p: 613 Mb, Runtime: 7 minutes
$9.99 $6.69

I came home and found out that my lovely roommate Mariette had prepared a special Easter surprise for me. She knew about my kinky love for inflatables so she blew up an awesome huge rabbit so we could enjoy some rubbing and bouncing on it… together! Of course I couldn’t resist!

@400p: 277 Mb, @720p: 527 Mb, @1080p: 1026 Mb, Runtime: 11.5 minutes
$14.99 $10.04

My Balloon Dog is so big that it barely fits my small bedroom! I never had such a bit toy in ExoticLoonz times ☺ But now I can enjoy this tightly inflated curves all day long and feel the ultimate pleasure of riding them when the air comes out through the opened valves!

@400p: 158 Mb, @720p: 302 Mb, @1080p: 588 Mb, Runtime: 6.5 minutes
$9.99 $6.69

Test 69. General task is to study the influence of controversial physical and behavioral stimuluses on a sexual arousal related to contact with a tight black Cattex GL1200 MAXIMUM PLEASURE.

My assistant Ava and our new trainee are going to be exposed to two types of effects — gentle vibrations coming to their bodies through the balloon and a threat of popping the balloon under them with a knife (without actual popping).

@400p: 215 Mb, @720p: 409 Mb, @1080p: 797 Mb, Runtime: 9 minutes
$12.99 $8.70

My Boobie has a stepsister. She is tanned, tattooed, purple haired and absolutely shameless!

Even though I’m unable to taste all of her outstanding abilities it’s an incomparable pleasure to squeeze her curves, to bounce on her tight sexy bum and to feel her vinyl bending under my sharp heels… yet not being pierced. My Naughty Boobie won’t be harmed and is going to be tenderly deflated by me.

@400p: 292 Mb, @720p: 556 Mb, @1080p: 1084 Mb, Runtime: 12 minutes
$15.99 $10.71

My hen party is on! Ava and Lilu prepared me an awesome surprise — a couple of huge inflatable dragons! Boy and girl, groom and bride — a perfect decoration for our kinky party! These toys are soo huge and tight that they can easily accommodate us all at once! Hop on ladies, it’s time for a crazy dragon ride!

@400p: 267 Mb, @720p: 508 Mb, @1080p: 990 Mb, Runtime: 11 minutes
$13.99 $9.37

The shiny black horse suffers of severe air deficiency. It was a great luck to find a proper donor for this toy! The matte brown horse is big, tight and willing to share it’s precious air with the black recipient. All I need to do is to connect their valves with a hose and add some extra pressure on a brown toy — and in the same second the black horse starts to expand!

@400p: 276 Mb, @720p: 526 Mb, @1080p: 1026 Mb, Runtime: 11.5 minutes

We love beachballs regardless to their size! But it’s true — the excitement grows every time when me and Rita finish riding and deflating one beachball and go for a bigger one;) Starting from classic 24'' one as a warmup we go for big 36'' Intex ball. When it’s flat we run to the huge 72'' beachball — Rita manages to climb on it and stay on top till it is fully deflated! And the next one… is ENORMOUS 10ft ball! Omg it’s so huge! We open the valve and squeeze it as hard as we can until we can finally dive into it!

Oh… did I mention that each ball is accompanied with a proper swimming ring? ;)

@400p: 682 Mb, @720p: 1298 Mb, @1080p: 2530 Mb, Runtime: 28.5 minutes

Don’t fear the Serpent Tempter. He is not the only one who came to your dream. I’m with it and it’s me who will be seduce you and the Serpent is just a toy for me. A toy that is willing to be blown tighter, squeezed harder…and deflated after I’m done with it. So watch me taming this Serpent for my own pleasure. You know I’m good at it.

@400p: 263 Mb, @720p: 501 Mb, @1080p: 976 Mb, Runtime: 11 minutes

Day is as good for love as the night is. I waited for this day so long… and finally I can be alone in the bedroom, surrounded with so many big tight balloons! Each one of them wishes to be my only but it’s just not enough for me. And every time I satisfy my attraction to one balloon I turn to the next one, mercifully deflating my previous lover.

@400p: 478 Mb, @720p: 933 Mb, @1080p: 1.8 Gb, Runtime: 21 minutes
$29.99 $20.09

See the green and red balloons around the couch? I’m going to squeeze the necks out of them. Don’t blame me if I do it too hard — I’m too passionate about huge balloon necks. And the biggest ones are just before the burst!

@400p: 325 Mb, @720p: 634 Mb, @1080p: 1.22 Gb, Runtime: 14 minutes
$19.99 $13.39

The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Quite a suitable definitions for TTR.
But when I take big and soft purple balloons, dip my body into shiny latex, make their necks bounce and squeeze my fingers into their tight surface until these loons burst…you won’t have any words but «Please, more!»
7 balloons were popped during this session — Brazil 36’’, China 25’’ and 33’’.

@400p: 290 Mb, @720p: 566 Mb, @1080p: 1.09 Gb, Runtime: 12 minutes
$16.99 $11.38

Early morning on the 27th floor, skittish pantyhose and pigtails and several big balloons. Pure riding and deflating fun without popping… for now.

@400p: 164 Mb, @720p: 319 Mb, @1080p: 629 Mb, Runtime: 7 minutes
$9.99 $6.69

There’re two ways to make the toy flat. I like both of them but today I choose non-violent one. And the stick in my hands is only for opening the valves. You will witness a lot of riding and squeezing before the last air will leave my Dog with juicy hissing.

@400p: 308 Mb, @720p: 571 Mb, @1080p: 1.12 Gb, Runtime: 13 minutes
$16.99 $11.38

Play this session and see how to make two tight 1,5-meter beachballs totally flat without opening the valves and how does this sweet lollipop relate to those repeating vinyl piercing sounds.

@400p: 297 Mb, @720p: 551 Mb, @1080p: 1.08 Gb, Runtime: 12 minutes
$17.99 $12.05

My guest room feels empty, so I’m going to inflate a cute pink armchair for my special guest. It is the big blue rabbit that I will blow up by mouth next ☺

@400p: 289 Mb, @720p: 550 Mb, @1080p: 1.04 Gb, Runtime: 12 minutes
$15.99 $10.71

Have you ever imagined of being a balloon under me while I’m doing a ride on you? Maybe you’d like to see how does it look like? I grant you the seat in the front row to this show. Have a look from the inside of the clear GL900 and enjoy!

@400p: 181 Mb, @720p: 344 Mb, @1080p: 668 Mb, Runtime: 7.5 minutes
$9.99 $6.69

The young shepherdess finished her morning duties and finally can spend some pleasant time on a big and tight balloons in her bedroom. Riding, squeezing, rubbing, necking and deflating them under self — the secret naughty pleasures that she likes the most…

@400p: 353 Mb, @720p: 671 Mb, @1080p: 1.28 Gb, Runtime: 15 minutes
$17.99 $12.05

See how soft these toys are? This vinyl was turned to rubber with some special fetish alchemy trick! Now I can squeeze these toys hard, dip myself into them and see how they expand when I jump on these Nemos. And the harder I bounce on them the more imminent their burst becomes! Even the small leak in one of the toys won’t help it to avoid my popping lust — I prepared a couple of sharp heels for it too.

@400p: 283 Mb, @720p: 539 Mb, @1080p: 1.03 Gb, Runtime: 11.5 minutes
$14.99 $10.04

This tome me and Katya are going to show you how to deflate some big tight beachballs and swimming rings without touching the valves. We will use a couple of wooden sticks, two pairs of sharp heels and our bodies to squeeze the air out. Watch carefully, we will do it nice and slow;)

@400p: 378 Mb, @720p: 719 Mb, @1080p: 1.37 Gb, Runtime: 16 minutes
$22.99 $15.40

You regain consciousness in the dark laying binded, duct-taped and cuffed to the bed. No chance to escape. The silent but terrifying sounds come from nowhere and become louder and louder scaring you. The dim lights catch the person with balloons approaching to you… A flash blinds you for a second and you see a clown girl. In spite of her sex appeal you see the sparkles of insanity in her eyes. She knows about your fear of balloons. She prepared a wicked torture for you. She will make you freak out even without a single balloon popped.

@400p: 233 Mb, @720p: 444 Mb, @1080p: 864 Mb, Runtime: 10 minutes
$12.99 $8.70

The pleasure of riding big soft latex balloons is one of the best feelings ever ☺ My looning time is for the best balloons and biggest necks!

@400p: 385 Mb, @720p: 733 Mb, @1080p: 1.39 Gb, Runtime: 16 minutes
$19.99 $13.39

A sweet couple of MM’s branded beachballs was relaxing on the golden inflatable lounge when I came to squeeze all the air out of them all! For the Christmas sake, of course ☺

Runtime: 20.5 minutes
$22.99 $15.40

Since my maid failed to make my toy clean and feels confused after my «lesson» I decide to go further and show her how does it feel to be seduced while drowning into deflating toy. Poor little bitch doesn’t expect it for sure.

Runtime: 9 minutes
$12.99 $8.70

I tried to be good with these balloons but they still reject to show me their real limit. I have a sanction to use all available methods to find it out. I know how to make a pressure inside these stubborn loons unbearable.

@400p: 198 Mb, @720p: 377 Mb, @1080p: 735 Mb, Runtime: 8 minutes
$10.99 $7.36

We always treat our guest with the best we have. So when Rita visited us we offered her a place on a huge zeppelin and a soft custom made balloon to blow while me and Mariette were blowing balloons too. It was an awesome blow to pop session — Rita’s balloon popped first, my one got really big and bursted into shreds later making Mariette’s balloon slip away from her ☺ We caught it and blew it to pop together.

@400p: 383 Mb, @720p: 729 Mb, @1080p: 1.39 Gb, Runtime: 16 minutes
$19.99 $13.39

Four colors of extremely soft and necky South American 36'' for all shades of pleasure. Humping, rubbing, squeezing, taking them to the limit… but still keeping them safe. I still have a plans for these loons;)

@400p: 214 Mb, @720p: 407 Mb, @1080p: 793 Mb, Runtime: 9 minutes
$12.99 $8.70

Today we are going to learn something about the air circulation between two connected GL800 balloons. When me and Leya bounce on one of them the air is squeezed to the second loon and it expands lifting Ava up! Try again and get the same result. And yes, we will do it several times because the side effects like diving into latex and altering balloon softness and quite pleasant;)

@400p: 169 Mb, @720p: 322 Mb, @1080p: 628 Mb, Runtime: 7 minutes

The best thing about Anaxo is that she can show me what I really think and dream about even when I don’t have courage to admit that.

It’s a first time I got courage to place an order on for the big balloons and I’ve just received the parcel with them. These loons are gorgeous… my heart starts racings same moment I opened the bag and grabbed the first one. This shape, this color, this smell… oh I wish I could try them right now but I can’t…

But I know who can. She’s in my head, unchained, naughty and ready to serve her (and apparently my) desires.

No wonder that Axano gets down with these balloons as I opened a bag. All I can do is watch… and envy.

@400p: 176 Mb, @720p: 336 Mb, @1080p: 655 Mb, Runtime: 7.5 minutes

Sexy curves of the tight shaped balloons on my bed make me think that they are complementary to my own curves… or at least to my kinky willing to touch and squeeze them! Tied to the bed these loons won’t escape my passion and shouldn’t be afraid of it — no matter how hot it will be here in my bed I’m still willing to keep my tight latex toys safe and sound… just a bit seduced!

@400p: 235 Mb, @720p: 448 Mb, @1080p: 873 Mb, Runtime: 10 minutes

This only about me and Leya. No person is allowed here when two girls are spending some kinky time together! And this huge inflatable Chipmunk doesn’t count as a person for sure. It’s our toy, our lounge, our bed that brings us closer to each other. The curvy shapes of this inflatables are perfect for embracing us and its tightness makes us feel each other’s movements so clearly even when our eyes are closed. And when the valves are opened me and Leya will dive into this vinyl cloud together with a great pleasure!

@400p: 302 Mb, @720p: 576 Mb, @1080p: 1124 Mb, Runtime: 12.5 minutes

Let’s ride latex clouds! They can exist in your dream — so soft and curvy, so beckoning to me to touch it… I’m covered with shiny golden suite with a deep cleavage — you imagined this uniform for me and I love it so much. I slowly bend the clear latex of a giant balloon under me watching smaller loons bouncing in it… it becomes more and more pleasant with every second. Why can’t we do it forever? Maybe because it’s too good to be real?

@400p: 181 Mb, @720p: 345 Mb, @1080p: 673 Mb, Runtime: 7.5 minutes

Since there are a lot of physical activities in our curriculum I included the special meditation sessions to our schedule. Of course they involve balloons too so the students keep exploring the various sides of looner life. Selenite and Celestine attended the balloon meditation session for the first time. Seems like it had a great effect on them… maybe even too great. They still should learn how to stay focused!

@400p: 140 Mb, @720p: 267 Mb, @1080p: 522 Mb, Runtime: 6 minutes