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It’s one of Birthday presents I’ve asked about — to be caged in a huge clear balloon while it is pumped to pop! And before the burst I have enough time to blow some 12'' balloons by mouth so me and my girls could pop them too when I break free!

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Black nylon bodysuit, skittish spandex swimsuit and a custom 18'' crystal purple balloon between them. It is flat now but the slow pump is already on. The pressure inside balloon is growing every second scaring Mariette and amusing me. The loon already bulges at top and bottom… aaaand…

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I tried to be good with these balloons but they still reject to show me their real limit. I have a sanction to use all available methods to find it out. I know how to make a pressure inside these stubborn loons unbearable.

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Worst way to wake me up EVER. My stepsister kick opened the door and accused me of keeping balloons under my bed regardless of stepmom’s prohibition. I have no idea how she found my stash… Moreover, my asshole stepsister haven’t missed a chance to bully me in a most cruel way. She brought a vacuum cleaner and started to pump my balloons in front of me till they burst! Shit, have you ever been pushed to the corner with a huge balloon while a pump is inflating it to pop? It is scary af! I tried to run away but she didn’t let me to do that and kept having fun of me while I tried to hide from those terrible explosions close to my face…

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When you take 60'' balloon you know that it’s big. But we had no clue how huge it could become! So it’s time to know that;) We attach a pump and turn it on! The balloon is growing, growing, growing… larger and larger! It becomes so freaking tight and huge that even the 72'' Room balloon looks tiny compared to that! And finally… BOOOM!!! An epic burst that nearly breaks the windows! Wow that was the mightiest pumping to pop we’ve ever did!

@400p: 370 Mb, @720p: 705 Mb, @1080p: 1374 Mb, Runtime: 15.5 minutes
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I’m home alone and trying to get some courage to try my new toy — it’s a big rubberized whale! I’ve never had them and I’m afraid that it would pop under me if I pump it too much.

So I give Anaxo control over pumping and do my best to focus on my toy.

And this toy is awesome. Big, soft, squishy! Finally I can leave my fears and just enjoy the inflatable and ride it as hard as I want!

But there’s a bad thing about giving Anaxo a right to inflate the toy under me. She doesn’t know when she should stop… or she just doesn’t want to.

I was so excited with riding the huge tight whale that I let Anaxo pump it too much and it bursted under me! That was scary… and weirdly arousing.

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The fireworks in the sky give me a good tip how to make this evening a bit more… loud;) All I need is a bunch of cute balloons, my favorite pump and someone who would watch me pumping these balloons much bigger than they are designed to be! 24 inch you say? I bet this loon will hit 36+ before the epic burst!

@400p: 282 Mb, @720p: 538 Mb, @1080p: 1049 Mb, Runtime: 12 minutes
$15.99 (15.00) $10.71 (10.05)

Helium makes balloons fly! And if it’s too much helium the balloons with fly other way — as the latex shreds all over the room! Don’t be mesmerized with my striped butt — you may miss the burst! And if you not you will be rewarded with two extra pops — it’s me blowing helium inflated balloons to pop!

@400p: 343 Mb, @720p: 654 Mb, @1080p: 1276 Mb, Runtime: 14.5 minutes
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Do these balloons look big and tight? Maybe they do but still not enough for me! Let’s add some more air! The whirring pump can bring the loon to its limit in seconds and I won’t stop there! And after all these loud ptp’s I still willing to finish three balloons by mouth!

@400p: 572 Mb, @720p: 1090 Mb, @1080p: 2125 Mb, Runtime: 24 minutes
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I invited Sharon to help me to decorate my room. She doesn’t know that I could be in a mischievous mood and going to threaten her with some loud pops!

Runtime: 7 minutes
$9.99 (9.37) $6.69 (6.28)

How big the balloon should be to satisfy you honey? The distance between me and the ceiling is all the space we have here. And I have an enormous black balloon that is able to press me to bed while I’m pumping it to the max… and to burst to shreds when the limit is reached! Watch it swelling and filling the room right over my body…

@400p: 179 Mb, @720p: 341 Mb, @1080p: 665 Mb, Runtime: 7.5 minutes
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All my ex-boyfriends were awful. My hen party is a perfect time to recall them all and do a ritual of revenge for all my hurt feelings! I will blow their inflated ego and make it burst to shreds! Five exes, five signed huge balloons, one pump. Three hot girls are going to hump you for the last time, losers! And your bursts will please us a lot!

@400p: 362 Mb, @720p: 688 Mb, @1080p: 1341 Mb, Runtime: 15 minutes
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Have you ever tried to ride balloon on the water? It’s hard but possible! But what if balloon is getting tighter and tighter with every second? You will need to have some balancing skills, motivation and of course courage to stay on top of this balloon till it bursts! Luckily Mariette has all of that so she will keep sitting on these extremely overinflated GL’s till the end while I keep pumping them!

@400p: 222 Mb, @720p: 425 Mb, @1080p: 830 Mb, Runtime: 9.5 minutes
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The joy of humping balloons could be spiced by threat of popping. And how does it feel to jump on big balloon with your friend while mighty pump is taking this loon to the limit? That’s what Matiette and Rita are going to try right now! I have a clear Giant Doll and crystal blue GL1200 that are just perfect for two!
Each burst comes with replay from second cam and slo-mo cam.

@400p: 175 Mb, @720p: 332 Mb, @1080p: 648 Mb, Runtime: 7.5 minutes
$10.99 (10.31) $7.36 (6.91)

Test 112. It took quite a long to find a volunteer for this experiment. But we have a trainee Mariette now and she is ready for anything just to get this job. So she is going to comprehend the stress related to slow uncontrolled inflation of a giant balloon in a close proximity to her body.

Stage 1 in a primary inflation of a giant balloon under Mariette’s fishnet bodysuit with a hand and foot pump operated by me and Ava. The bodysuit should provide a proper pressure of an expanding balloon to Mariette’s body for a while but it is predicted to rip in the end.

Stage 2 is pumping the giant balloon (pre-inflated during the stage 1) to the burst size while it is securely attached to Mariette’s body with the belts. The burst will be recorded on 3 cams, including slow motion one.

@400p: 192 Mb, @720p: 366 Mb, @1080p: 713 Mb, Runtime: 8 minutes
$10.99 (10.31) $7.36 (6.91)

Seems like Ava is not afraid of loud noises…and huge balloons! Moreover – I bet that they are as arousing for her as for me! I know a good way to check it – a bunch of very big balloons and a pump! We will blow these giant loons till burst under each other and see how it will feel. And I know for sure that it will be amazing!

@400p: 339 Mb, @720p: 646 Mb, @1080p: 1260 Mb, Runtime: 14.5 minutes
$17.99 (16.88) $12.05 (11.31)