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Sometimes the day goes quite not the way you expected. Even this perfect outfit and the room full of various balloons are not enough to fight the inner anger. The glass of wine may help but the best way to let it go is to let out my fury. The most massive simultaneous balloons burst cheers me up and I finish the remaining balloons with the broken glass and my fingers. Oh yeah, it feels really good now.

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I’m too impatient to just wait till I blow to pop the balloons I picked for it. I want to see some tight latex popping right now! So I will slowly burst all the balloons around me while blowing to pop other ones. Luckily I have enough of them!

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I filled these balloons with helium to make them fly to the ceiling. And now I will bring them down to the floor and put my heels on them… oh these loons will never fly again.

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What is the reason to fight? Why we all not just blow a lot of big colorful balloons and have some kinky fun with them like I do? Every time balloon pops it brings me pure joy and pleasure, I feel overwhelmed with love and going to share it with the entire world!

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Even though these tanks, helicopters and planes look peaceful the rules of war push me to destroy them right now.

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When the sun goes down the wild cat wakes up. Natural predator, perfect hunter. No victim could escape her so she can play with them the way she wants. And regardless to the size and stubbornness everything that became her toy has no choice but accepting its fate because she knows so many ways to defeat any enemy.

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It’s not a simple whale. It’s a rubberized orca covered with some suggestive inscriptions that make its destiny absolutely clear. The toy asks to pop it and I would gladly be the one who volunteers for that! But before that I will attach a slow and silent pump right to orca’s body so it would swell more and more while I will ride it harder and harder… and when the air starts leaking from the tiny holes in the seam it will be the time to raise my sharp heel and rip the poor whale!

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There is no need to rush when it comes to popping a big bunch of lovely colorful mylar balloons. They have no chance against my super high spiky heels on my feet or against the sharp blade in my mouth so it won’t be hard to turn these loons to shreds. The only point is pleasure and teasing, pleasure and teasing again.

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This is the final session of the Room #3. Now it’s time for something I desired all these days — some really massive popping spree. Dozens, even hundreds of balloons around me are nothing but a fuel for it.

No pins, no, I won’t be that easy. I know so many ways to finish those loons in the most violent style and the most intimate contact.

Bunches, columns, heliums — I’m coming for you all.

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I’m perfectly prepared for the final session. I have stiletto heels for those big hearts on the floor and long sharp nails for the helium bunches around me. Sexy and deadly! Only Room balloon will survive.

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Big balloons make big booms! No matter how I will interact with them, how rude or gentle I will be, how easy or hard will be my squeezing and riding — is it always finished with juicy burst! Can you imagine what will happen when I pop the GL1200 full of 12'' balloons? That will be awesome! But it is only the first part of the session…

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Every time I sit on a big balloon I feel the tension of the tight latex under me that increases with every hump. The bouncing neck becomes bigger and bigger and it is so stretched and clear that I can see through it even when it was opaque when we started. The excitement overwhelms me…would this loon take one more jump or would it burst right now? And one more? Maybe it will tear in the neck and flatten fast… or maybe it will be too stubborn and I will have to rip it with my fingers? And suddenly it explodes under me spilling the tiny shreds of latex all over the room!.. I feel my heart is racing, pumping the blood full of endorphins… I need another one right now! Luckily I’m well prepared — seven SA36'', seven Q24'', one RCR and a bunch of 14'' and 16'' balloons filled with helium. So let’s take another one and see what happens next…

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The room is filled with purple balloons. The scent of latex is everywhere, I think I can even feel it with my skin. I’m going to taste every second of squeezing the heel into the tight latex, dipping my fingers in shiny black gloves into those poor but so irresistibly attractive balloons. To feel the moment of turning them to shreds under my pressure. I don’t want to make all those bursts fuse into one long loud noise — I will admire every balloon in our little fatal game again and again… until all of them are gone. The Room balloon will be the only survivor.

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Do you hear this delicate rustling of those big shiny Mylar balloons squeezed between sexy legs covered with silk stockings? I’m sure you do. And you may guess what happens when the long nails or sharp heels pierce the tight surface of those lovely loons!

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My lovely Sharon made me the best Christmas present ever — she set the awesome balloon Christmas tree and filled the room with huge balloons. Moreover — she lets me to pop them all! Absolutely irresistible invitation that I’m happy to share with her!

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You may think that it’s me trapped in a room full of big and tight balloons. That’s not the right way of thinking. It’s a lot of big and tight balloons are trapped in a room with me without a single chance to escape.

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