room #7

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The best thing in keeping inflated balloons in my bedroom is that I can enjoy soft cuddles of latex right after waking up. This time I prepared on only the softest Olympic 45'' and South America 36'' but a very special one — tightly stuffed with 12'' balloons GL1200 Maximum Pleasure zeppelin. Oh yes, let’s dive into balloons right now!

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My guest room feels empty, so I’m going to inflate a cute pink armchair for my special guest. It is the big blue rabbit that I will blow up by mouth next ☺

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I need some extra space for my upcoming fun so both rabbit and chair are going to be deflated in a gentle and a bit skittish manner… as I always do ☺

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Do you know that feeling when embracing balloons is just not enough for your loon lust? Oh that shameful feeling that I can’t fight! Dying with shame, I try to put a balloon under my shirt… and one more… and again… Why it feels so good? I need bigger balloons touching my skin! Luckily I have a couple of them in my beside table…

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This toy is supposed to be an anti-stress device. But I know how to make in way more exciting… and bigger!

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Four cute balloon clusters decorated with the helium filled loons and my long red nails. This combination guarantees some mesmerizing popping performance!

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Big balloons make big booms! No matter how I will interact with them, how rude or gentle I will be, how easy or hard will be my squeezing and riding — is it always finished with juicy burst! Can you imagine what will happen when I pop the GL1200 full of 12'' balloons? That will be awesome! But it is only the first part of the session…

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I’m on my popping spree and still have a lot of balloons to play with! Two huge helium bunches made of 36'', 24'' and 14'' balloons are nothing against my willing to make them burst under me, my heels and my nails! The rest 12'' balloons on the floor will be heelpopped rapidly. The only survivor — GL1200 Room 7 — will be deflated and taken away to my collection as a reminder of this epic action.

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Late evening, glowing lights and the TTR pictures rolling over the wall… I thought it was enough balloon games for today but now I just can’t help taking these three 17'' and two 24'' to the couch, neck them hard and hump on them to pop!

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