room #6

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The writings on the balloons don’t give a clue if they are going to be popped or not. Don’t worry — no balloons were hurt during this session… though they took a lot of abuse!

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How deep can I dip my feet into soft black balloon until it bursts? I don’t know. But I’m willing to figure it out. And repeat this test 17 times with balloons from 14’’ to 24’’ just to be sure.

Runtime: 13 minutes
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The black marks on this big white balloon have one certain meaning — this loon is destined to be extremely overinflated by me. And it will lead to the massive, loud and moist burst.

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Even my sharp heels can barely pierce the tight surface of this big Black Swan float. I patch every new hole with the sticker to prolong the pleasure and make as many holes as I can before all five compartments of this toy lose all the air.

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I filled these balloons with helium to make them fly to the ceiling. And now I will bring them down to the floor and put my heels on them… oh these loons will never fly again.

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See those black loons caged in the big clear ones? I think they want to break free! And I have some naughty aid for them. But the freedom won’t bring anything good to these poor ones.

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It’s my own private black sea of soft balloons. I’m going to give a last hug to every loon just to feel how pleasant this embrace can be. So pleasant and so deadly.
62 balloons were squeezed to pop during this session.

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