room #4

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We designed the inflatable toy that is charged with fetish naughtiness from nose to tail! Transparent dog in pink bodysuit and fishnet stockings on suspenders — hell yeah, that’s what I like! No more questions, I’m already on it and ready to enjoy this toy.

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There’re two ways to make the toy flat. I like both of them but today I choose non-violent one. And the stick in my hands is only for opening the valves. You will witness a lot of riding and squeezing before the last air will leave my Dog with juicy hissing.

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Only the greatest balloons can bring you Maximum Pleasure. I have them! And like if this clear GL1200 is not good enough I stuffed it with some smaller balloons. Bounce on loons while bouncing on loons? Sounds sexy!

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These «ice cream» leggings look so delicious that I want to lick them! But I have more exciting things to do — I’m going to ride and sitpop dozen of 14’’ and 16’’ balloons on chair. Fist ones were old and surrender pretty quick but the last ones got a lot of hard bouncing before they burst!

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Oh yeah, it is really ultimate riding and sitpopping session! Hardest bouncing, GIANT necks and large balloons loudly exploding under me — every second of this pretty long session is filled with taking tight latex to its limit and beyond it. No more words needed.

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Take one balloon specially designed for largest neck. RCR is fine. Bake it a little bit to make this loon more stretchy. Press it tightly to your lips and start blowing. You will see the largest neck ever right before this loon bursts!

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I’m perfectly prepared for the final session. I have stiletto heels for those big hearts on the floor and long sharp nails for the helium bunches around me. Sexy and deadly! Only Room balloon will survive.

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