room #33

Me in balloon in the pool? Of course! A crazy thing that I couldn’t resist trying! And it was an awesome feeling — just a thin layer of latex that separated me from a water surface. I could enjoy it all day but my balloon became foggy so Mariette let me out — she pierced the balloon and I broke free!

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You’re lucky one today! The house in front of you is the Looner Mansion and the girls inside are in a playful mood now! They won’t let the stranger in but you could witness a special kinky popping show that will start right when the curtains are up. And you will never forget that excitement and teasing!

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Let’s start out epic wet popping spree! All these toys in our pool will be destroyed — popped with sharp sticks and ripped to shreds one by one! Dolphin, sharp, orca, bull, Angel Dragon, a couple of tubes and floats, duck, rhino and even a giant white dragon! No mercy, make them all sink!

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Two girls, wet shirts and tights, a pool full of huge shaped balloons and some very naughty intentions! Do you know what does it mean? We’re coming for all these balloons and will pop them all slowly and seductively one by one! Even the largest ones won’t escape from me and Mariette today!

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