room #3

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32’’ longnecks are the one of the best balloons for looner fun ever made. The more time I spend with them the more I need. Let’s see how long this Longneck will become while I blow it to the pop.

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Early morning on the 27th floor, skittish pantyhose and pigtails and several big balloons. Pure riding and deflating fun without popping… for now.

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The doors are too narrow for this bunch of heliums. I have to get rid of them.

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What is the difference between 32’’ and 36’’ Longnecks? One is bigger, another has wider neck. One is clear, another is crystal blue. But both Longnecks are perfect to dip myself into them, squeeze them in my arms and see how their necks bounce when I jump on them. So why should I choose one when I can take both, enjoy and deflate them in the end?

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They look familiar but still unusual… why are these floats so round and… voluminous? They look so overinflated and nearly bursting! Mmm, maybe that’s why they look so attractive to me. I need to hop on them, open the valves and squeeze the air out right now!

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No rush. No uncertainty. These small, medium and big balloons are doomed anyway. No one and nothing can save them from me and my willing to see them is bursting between me and the couch. So let’s make it nice and slow enjoying every second of that sweet torture.

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This is the final session of the Room #3. Now it’s time for something I desired all these days — some really massive popping spree. Dozens, even hundreds of balloons around me are nothing but a fuel for it.

No pins, no, I won’t be that easy. I know so many ways to finish those loons in the most violent style and the most intimate contact.

Bunches, columns, heliums — I’m coming for you all.

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